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Scrabulous Still Too Flossy for Hasbro

Hasbro and Mattel, the monolithic companies that own the rights to Scrabble, are still pissed off that Scrabulous, the board game’s online doppelganger, is so virally popular no thanks to them.

In January they threatened legal action against the creators of Scrabulous, Indian software-developing brothers Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, for ripping them off without throwing any credit/royalties their way, but soon realized what an unpopular move this is with legions of hardcore Scrabulous devotees.

A lot of online protest has sprung up in the past two months in support of Scrabulous, especially growing Facebook groups like “Save Scrabulous”, “Scrabulous is crack and I am a junkie“, and “Please God, I Have So Little: Don’t Take Scrabulous Too.”

Apparently Hasbro and Mattel are still “hoping for a solution that would not force them to shut down the game.” So far this strategy seems to include the possibility of a settlement with the Agarwalla brothers, who make about $25,000 a month from advertising on Scrabulous, and the imminent release of an online version of Scrabble sanctioned by Hasbro/Mattel, which would probably have trouble competing with what’s become the Scrabulous juggernaut anyway.

Besides, why fight something that gets millions of otherwise potentially illiterate people around the world excited about your esoteric word game? Here is a Fergie doppelganger demonstrating how Scrabulous gets her all flossy flossy: