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Cardinal Pictures Open House & Student Directors Panel Discussion

cardinal pictures logoThis is TODAY:

Join Cardinal Pictures this Monday to learn about what we do and how to get involved. We’ll have a panel discussion with students who have directed features with us and watch the 2015 short “Lloyd”. The open house will end at 9:30, at which point the weekly Screenwriters’ Lounge will begin. We hope to see you there!

Date: Monday, February 15
Time: 8:45-9:30 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center (167 High Street)

Pitch Party with Amy Bloom and Betsy Traube

10435614_735306233210637_2088184347111755099_nFrom the folks at the Shapiro Creative Writing Center:

Interested in film or television and want to learn to pitch like a pro? Professors Amy Bloom and Betsy Traube will be hosting a pitching workshop and competition at the Shapiro Center!

The competition will allow groups of up to three people to pitch a concept for 2 minutes. The winning team will receive resources to produce their project: a workshop session with screenwriter’s lounge, one weekend of gear access, and $100 in production funding!

Groups MUST SIGN UP PRIOR TO EVENT in order participate in the competition. In order to do so, please fill out this Google Form here. Again, if you don’t sign up before the Pitch Party, you CANNOT COMPETE, though all are welcome to come get tips and listen to others.

Don’t miss an awesome chance to learn this crucial skill from industry professionals! Hosted by the Shapiro Creative Writing Center and Screenwriter’s Lounge.

Date: Thursday, November 20
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, 167 High Street

Screenwriters’ Lounge Inaugural Session

S_Lounge_MaratFrom Joseph Eusebio ’17:

Screenwriters’ Lounge will act as a weekly gathering place for all those interested in screenwriting, learning the form (we can teach you!), or simply hanging out. The current structure is loose, but it will always involve snacks, drinks, friends, and a cozy space.

If you have something you’re working on or something you’ve completed, please bring it! As a part of the newly established/funded Wesleyan Film Project, we can also help you produce your material, and will be planning film and screenwriting events throughout the year.

Mondays, 8-10pm, Shapiro Creative Writing Center

Come to the inaugural session for new friends and special snacks — Facebook event here.

Date: Monday, September 29 (and every Monday)
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center

New Comedy Video by Fleisher ’99

Jacob Fleisher ’99—Los Angeles’ self-proclaimed “tallest working screenwriter”—sends in a clever new short posted over at Atom.com, inspired by his years at Wesleyan. This one depicts an introductory “Ransom Note-Writing Workshop” gone terribly awry. Fleisher explains:

I’m pretty sure Professor Anne Greene and the Wesleyan Writer’s Workshop were 100% responsible for me making this video. That and the years I spent selling K&R insurance.

It gets especially good towards the end—check it out:

For more on Fleisher and his impressive resume/web comedy/”made-up commercials,” click here or here or here.