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Matisyahu Regulations Calls to Mind Girl Talk ’08

An all-campus email today reveals that hired security personnel, pat-down procedure, strict reentry ban, and, um—oh yeah—the gender binary we all hate will all be involved in keeping you safe at tomorrow night’s already controversial Matisyahu/Chiddy Bang show. “That’s So Wesleyan” Moment of the Day: at least they’re apologizing for getting all heteronormative on our asses:

Pat down lines will be implemented as a security precaution. These lines will be executed in the gender binary. We understand that some students may not feel that one of the two most common gender pronouns may apply to them, but we ask that those students choose to enter whichever line they feel most comfortable in.

[Translation: suck it up, genderqueer folk?]

Unprecedented? Not quite. The last time administrative security of this scale was involved in a non-Spring Fling concert was in December 2008, when Girl Talk played the Bacon Field House to decidedly mixed reactions. Upperclassmen have already noted the parallels Matisyahu/Girl Talk beg, at least in terms of venue (how will the ice rink compare to the Field House?), security, and general logistics. The gender-segregated security pat-down was also an issue in ’08 (scroll for details/bitching). Is it an accurate comparison?  Click here for Sheek‘s overview of that concert and its ensuing shitshow:

Wesleyan praised for campus crisis response


The Courant took note of the Wesleyan administration’s quick response to the campus security crisis last week, including the campus lockdown and rapid communications, which may have prevented it from escalating into a much more serious situation like at Virginia Tech two years ago.

The federal Higher Education Opportunity Act passed last year required all colleges to create communications systems to contact students immediately in response to dangerous situations, and Wesleyan had “CONNECT”ed with the email, voicemail,  and text message system which was activated on Wednesday.

The University’s response process over the course of those two days is detailed, along with the reactions of parents and campus security watchdog groups:

“From what I have seen, Wesleyan did respond quickly to getting the information out to its students and its faculty,” said Alison Kiss, programs director for Security on Campus Inc. [a nonprofit group in Pennsylvania dedicated to promoting college safety].

David Pesci, the Wesleyan spokesman, said that the most important thing in handling a campus emergency is relaying the facts “with concise and clear communication. …You want to keep people informed and keep any kind of frantic response or panic to a minimum.”

Which is what happened, thankfully.

Hartford Courant: Wesleyan Wins Praise for Handling of the Fatal Shooting of Johanna Justin-Jinich

Missing Podium From Take Back The Night Event

Jordan Collins ’09 of the Take Back the Night Organizing Committee writes in asking for the return of a missing podium:

Take Back the Night last Thursday, Oct. 16th, a podium was set up in front of Olin library. Between 10:30 and 11pm later that night somebody took it. If you’ve seen this podium, let us know. Better yet, if you’re the one who took it, please put it back. No questions asked. Take Back the Night does not have the funds to replace this podium and all money we’ve raised will be going to the Women and Family Center. So if you know anything, please contact us by e-mailing eweisman@wes or cariori@wes. Thank you!

What’s up with all of the burglary, Wesleyan?

Nics Master Key (Important!)

Micah Feiring ’11 sends this super important message regarding the loss of a Nics Master key. 

Dear classmates,

My name is Micah Feiring and I am your class representative to the WSA. As I am sure many of you know the RA master key to Nicolson Dorm was taken last week from a ResLife office. As a result, the university has decided to permanently re-key every Nicolson door over fall break. This clusterf**k situation is going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars—money that could be spent to help improve living conditions for students all over campus. As your Rep, I spend hours each week trying to scrape up money to improve student life. And its really depressing when something pointless like this threatens to waste so much of what I work towards saving. Besides ResLife funds, a significant environmental impact will result from the university disposing of so many locks for no reason. Therefore, I implore whoever took the key to return it anonymously. You can do this by dropping the key in an envelope addressed to the WSA and drop it off via intercampus mail. The WSA will then shred this envelope and bring the key to ResLife. I have spoken with the administration and no information from returning the key will be used to find the person responsible for the theft. The key needs to be returned before Friday.

This is a really shitty situation and I hope whoever has the key will have the decency to send it home.

Hoping for the best,


P-Safe Alert: Townie Ruckus on Pine

Altercation! Gunshot! Hand injury! Overall, a P-Safe alert full of exciting buzzwords.

Public Safety would like to alert the community that on Sunday 9/7/08 at approximately 2:30 am Public Safety and Middletown Police responded to a reported disturbance on Pine St. Initial investigation revealed that a group of approximately 10 non-students attempted to enter a small party and when denied a physical altercation occurred. During the altercation a reported gun shot was heard and all individuals fled the area. There was no reported injury from the gunshot but one student was treated for a hand injury that occurred during the altercation.

This incident is under investigation by the Middletown Police and Wesleyan Public Safety. Anyone with any information is asked to call Middletown Police at 344-3200 or Public Safety at 685-2345.

Anyone care to share details?

Secret Service to Beef Up Graduation Security

Expect a lot of these guys ( below right) at commencement. The Hartford Courant reports on the security measures needed to deal with the enormous excitement surrounding this event:

While the announcement of Obama’s coming was a boon for the university and left many students and faculty giddy, it also sent officials scrambling to figure out how to manage the appearance of a powerful orator who effortlessly draws thousands, if not tens of thousands, to his rallies…

David Pesci, a Wesleyan spokesman, said university officials are working out the logistics of the event and will consult the Secret Service, which has been protecting Obama for about a year…

The Secret Service began forming a security plan Thursday afternoon for Obama’s visit to Middletown.

“We’ll be working in cooperation with state and local police,” said Brian Murphy, resident-agent-in-charge of the Secret Service’s New Haven field office.

Obama’s presence means extra security precautions, more media attention, and a screening of guests and participants, but Murphy said the goal is to ensure Obama’s safety “with a minimum of interference to the event.”

Hartford Courant: Wesleyan Scrambles to Ready Campus for Obama

Commencement Security Update

This just in, from the Wesleyan homepage:

Because of the appearance of Senator Obama at this year’s Commencement the event will be ticketed and there will be limited seating. Graduates will receive a limited number of tickets for their families, and will receive first preference on seating.

Because of the high amount of traffic that is anticipated, there will be no guarantee of any parking availability for this event.

We ask the general public to respect the ceremony, our graduates and their families during this event.

Glass bottles, fireworks, and selected other items will not be allowed at the ceremony. Anyone in possession of such items will be subject to removal and possible arrest.