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TRAILER: Wesleyan Senior Thesis Films 2017

We’re a couple days late on this, but w/e, some of us have three finals due before the last day of classes. (Why?? Why?????)

Anyways, do you have senior film major friends/crushes/friendcrushes/Wescams? Do you want to see some cool short films that they put a ton of blood, sweat, tears, and Kickstarter money into? Then I highly, highly recommend checking out the Senior Thesis Films at the Goldsmith Family Cinema on May 12-13.

Don’t believe me? Check out this kickass trailer, edited by Ostin Fam ’17:

Senior Film Thesis Screenings Start Tonight

The film theses are back! Since there are 27 films this year, the film department has organized the screenings a bit differently – there will only be ONE viewing session for each film and NO REPEATS THIS WEEKEND, unfortunately (though they will be screened again on Friday and Saturday of Senior Week.)


Commencement6_07_2006Peter Cramer ’14
Chloe Shipko ’14
Peter Conforti ’14
Adam Keller ’14
Kallan Benjamin ’14
Alissa Goldberg ’14
Sky McGilligan ’14
Elijah Cone ’14

SATURDAY, MAY 10th, 8PM: 16MM FILMS, $5 

Neo Sora ’14
Alice Lee ’14
Hanna Edizel ’14
Carlen May-Mann ’14
John Ryan ’14
Morgan Ross ’14
Jessie Napier ’14
Sam Gilberg ’14
Jake Ewald ’14
Sidney Schleiff ’14


Andrew Cohen ’14
Amanda Hayley Sonnenschein ’14
Leah Khambata ’14
Alienor Leon ’14
Richie Starzec ’14
Annalora Von Pentz ’14
Solomon Billinkoff ’14
Spencer Burnham ’14
Henry Hall ’14

Date: Friday, May 9; Saturday, May 10; Sunday, May 11
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema (Center for Film Studies)
Cost: $5

The 2013 Thesis Film Screenings

The Wesleyan Thesis Films 2013 – Trailer from Ethan Young on Vimeo.

The screenings of the 2013 Thesis films are this weekend. All showings are in the Goldsmith Family Cinema. 16mm is Friday 8pm, Sunday 2pm. Digitals are Saturday and Sunday at 8pm. Tickets are $5. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis, limited to one per person, and go on sale 45 minutes before showtime.

Important note: The film screenings did not sell out last year either of the opening nights. Although many folks show up especially early to get good seats, please do not let that discourage you from arriving much closer to the showtime. We want as many people as humanely possible to enjoy our films.

On each night of the film screenings we will announce on the Facebook event page when/if the tickets have sold out. If you do not see a post on there, assume that seats are still available and come down.

The screening order is:

Wesleyan Film Theses 2012: Part One — The Fellowship of the Text

It all began with the forging of the Great Papers.  Seven were given to the Film Studies Professors; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. And now those seven will be gifted to the race of Wesleyan Students, who above all else desire power. For within these papers was bound the strength and the will to govern over an entire campus.

This is it, folks. Come hear six great screenplay pitches and one historical/theoretical rundown from seven amazing senior Film majors.  The chosen few and their works are:

Douglas Bensimon ’12: The Nazi
Carolyn Cohen ’12: Squanderland
William Donald ’12: Off the Trail
Miriam Smith-Drelich ’12: Goodnight, Sunshine
Zachary J. Valenti ’12: Smokin’ Ocean
Jeremy P. Wolf ’12: Camp Goggles
Sarah Shachat ’12: Intrigue, Blood, and Naked Breasts: Strategies of the Epic Series on Premium Cable

Jeanine Basinger, head of the Department of Film Studies, says this is the best collection of written work she’s seen at Wesleyan. And she’s seen A LOT here.

Date: Sunday, May 6
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: Powell Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies
Cost: Free

Wesleyan Film Theses Screenings

Did you miss seeing your film friends on Friday? Saturday? Sunday nights?

Did they borrow large amounts of money and then disappear?

Catch them this weekend at the


The truth about what they’ve been up to.

Brought to you by the 2011 thesis filmmakers.

Seating is first come, first serve. Doors open 45 minutes before each screenings, but get there early.

16mm Screenings (with Nick Singer, Becca Choi) : Friday 8PM / Sunday 2PM

Digital Screenings: Saturday 8PM / Sunday 8PM

Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema

Cost: $5

Senior Thesis Films resume tonight


Senior thesis film screenings will resume tonight as scheduled. Instead of the previously scheduled two showings each of 16 mm films and digital films, there will be only one each, on Saturday and Sunday night respectively.

So they will both be absolutely packed – get there early enough to beat the crowds.

Also, the filmmakers say that there’s violence depicted in some of the films, so please be aware that people who have been deeply affected by the recent tragedy may be upset by some content in tonight and tomorrow night’s screenings.

Revised Thesis Film Screening Schedule:

The (mostly) 16mm Program
Saturday, May 9, 8pm

The Digital Program
Sunday, May 10, 8pm

Both at the Goldsmith Family Cinema in the Center for Film Studies

Get the full lineup here.

Senior Film Theses!


Senior Film Theses are only a week away, and word is that this year’s batch is especially promising – a rumored three-way tie for Best Film and quite a few honors, so expect great things.

They’re playing for four nights at the Center for Film Studies next weekend.  Each showing starts at 8 pm sharp, and costs $5 – get there early, because the building will be locked once the show starts.

The lineup:

16 mm Films – Thursday May 7th/ Saturday May 9th:

Aude Cuenod: “The Original”
Jack Johnson: “Radical Light”
Tyler Byrne: “Extension”
Alex Kopecky: “Post Office”
William Caroll: “Miriam is Not My Friend”
Maya Kazan: “I Bit My Lip So Hard It Bled”
Ozum Demirel: “Zikir”
Andrei Bowden-Schwartz: “Bad Reception”
Sam Broadwin: “The Watcher In the Woods”
Ted Feldman: “I’ll Never Smile Again”

Digital Films – Friday May 8th/ Sunday May 10th:

Gabriel Fries: “One Missed Call”
Sara’o Bery: “John”
Daphne Schmon: “Fearless”
Alex Footman: “Pyrrhic Victory”
Andrew Price: “Evening Orchid”
Zachary Butlein: “The Room”
Jason Reif
: “Would the Last One To Die Please Turn Out The Lights?”
Max Ornstein: “Deal”
Kate O’Reilly Jones: “Marathon Nights”
Tom Moll-Rocek:”Maximillian Sneed”

The Written Film Theses, Sunday May 3 at 2 pm SHARP:
Dallas Bossort: “Knin”
Destin Douglas: “Summer Season”
Matt Connolly: “Reframing the Disaster in a Post 9/11 World”
Logan Ludwig: “Moving Panels: Translating Comics into Film”

Don’t miss it! Here’s the trailer, edited by Sam Broadwin ’09:

Facebook event