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In Depth: Westitch

This is another installment in our series of interviews with student groups at Wesleyan.

Two of Rama’s finished sewing projects

For this interview, I sat down with Rama Al Nakib ’16, co-founder of Westitch, to talk about the group’s history, how it is currently structured, and the creative process.

What is Westitch?

Westitch is a do-it-yourself collective. We teach sewing, knitting, and clothing construction from scratch material or old items. My partner, Nicole Roman-Johnson ’16, handles the knitting part of the group.

How was Westitch founded?

Over the summer I was going through the list of extracurriculars because I wanted to join clubs. I’d already been sewing and like cutting up my own clothes really low key since high school but I really wanted to make it a thing that people would do here, because I know a lot of people are interested. So I signed up for a table at the club fair. We applied for funding through the WSA, which we used to buy machines, fabric, and lots of other supplies.

Sewing Machines, Tall Tales at WestCo Cafe

The Sewing Machines and Tall Tales were going to play at Eclectic tonight with the Noms and Decora, but, you know, this.

So they’ve relocated to WestCo Cafe, which is only just large enough for two bands but still solid as a venue. From Aural Wes:

If civil disobedience isn’t enough to get you out of your rooms and into the Cafe, then the music definitely should. Under the leadership of Future Folk, the Cafe is going to become a real venue again. Sounding the horns of revolution are Sewing Machines, featuring Jake Gold, Ted Feldman, Max Horwich, Max Lavine, Jess Jones, Sam Moss, Brian Papish, Sylvia Ryerson, Ben Seretan, Eric Sherman, Ian Staub, and Adam Tinkle. Driven by folksy guitar and an incredibly diverse instrumentation, Sewing Machines sweat catchy hooks and rich harmonies that will have you toe-tapping and humming the choruses hours later.

Tall Tales features Fareed Sajan, Adam Tinkle, and Joshua Koenig, and according to their myspace, “potential for other members to be added.” This band is a little more ambient, sounding what I assume a hybridization of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Sparklehorse would sound like. Definitely do not miss it.

So sound the horns of revolution, be active in supporting Wesleyan’s vibrant music scene, and no matter how much the administration tries to take it away, we can prove that we can keep it alive.

Date: Thursday, March 5
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe

Sewing Machines & Friends at Earth House

Live show/CD release party at Earth House tonight, featuring the Sewing Machines and assorted live acts.

Future Folk Records, a web label run by Max Horwich ’08 and Rod O’Connor ’08, has put out a compilation of music by Wes students and alums, and will be handing out free copies!

“rollicking American folk-pop, landing at some hook-heavy intersection of the Band and Fleet Foxes…”

more info here.

Date: Saturday, November 22
Time: 10 pm
Place: Earth House