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Here’s Who Got a Thesis Carrel (And Who Is on the Waitlist)

Moment of silence to all of those who will have to use the Exley basement shower as their thesis carrel.


The entrance label of the thesis carrel of DP’16.

Hi seniors. As if we didn’t make this clear with our record number of THESICRAZY interviews last year, we care immensely about chronicling the most wretched and rewarding part of your Senior year.

Carrel applications were due a week and a half ago. And now people know their fates.For those who don’t know much about the process, here’s a tidbit from the library website:

Unlocked Magazine Annual Sex Survey

Sex survey sex survey sex survey sex survey Elizabeth S. ’12 sex survey sex survey sux servey sux servey surve sexey:

Looking for a fun way to procrastinate your midterms? Why not take Unlocked Magazine’s annual student sex survey? This year our survey is virginity themed. We’re looking to get a wide variety of responses, so whatever your stance on virginity—love it, hate it, have it, lost it, regained it, reclaimed it—we’d love to hear from you.

Actual sample questions:

  • Would you be comfortable taking someone else’s virginity at this point in your life?
  • Of the following celebrities, who would you rather have sex with?
  • Which of the class deans would you rather have sex with?

Here’s the link.