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Healing Forward: Self-Care for Survivors of Sexual Assault

From SART Intern Rachel Verner ’15:

Come restore your mind, body and spirit in this 9 week support group for female identified survivors of sexual assault on Mondays beginning February 10th from 5:30-7:00pm. Each week the group will focus on a different aspect of building sustainable self-care practices.

The deadline to sign up is Friday, February 7th.

Week 1: Why Self-Care Matters
Week 2: Self-Compassion 

Male Survivors Sexual Assault Support Group

From the SART Intern Rachel Verner ’15: 

The Sexual Assault Support Group for male-identified survivors will be held on Tuesdays beginning February 11th-April 22nd from 5:30-6:45pm. Meetings will follow an open support group format and participants determine group topics each week.

Contact Alysha B. Warren, LPC, Therapist/Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator (awarren[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) for more information.

Reference “Tuesday Support Group” in the subject line.

The deadline to sign-up is Friday, February 7th.

Date: Tuesdays from 2/11 to 4/22
Time: 5:30 to 6:45


P-Safe Alert: Assault

This morning, we all received a Public Safety Alert informing us about a physical and sexual assault that occurred this morning at Beta Fraternity House on High Street. The survivor was able to escape during the assault, reported the assault to Public Safety, and was transported to Middlesex Hospital for minor injuries.

In light of this awful and tragic information, I would like to remind everyone that sexual assault here at Wesleyan remains a problem as terrible as any this campus has ever faced, and that sexual assault is never, ever okay.

Womanist House will be providing a safe space for support this afternoon.

Additionally, Rachel Verner ’15 writes in about a gathering later in the evening and always-available resources for survivors and the community:

SART Intern, Rachel Verner, and Students for Consent and Communication would like to invite everyone to an open community meeting tonight. Our goal is to create a safe space to talk about sexual violence prevention, and what we can all do to rid rape culture at Wesleyan. We will be meeting in the University Organizing Centre (190 High Street) this evening (Sunday, March 7th) at 9pm. Please see below for a list of other available resources:

SART Members – Confidential Reporters

  • Larry Antosz, Counseling Center, 860-685-2910
  • David Leipziger Teva, Chaplain, 860-685-2278
  • Sandy Frimel, Health Services, 860-685-2470
  • Emily Daponte, Health Services, 860-685-2470
  • Jennifer D’Andrea, Counseling Center, 860-685-2910
  • Alysha B. Warren, Counseling Center, 860-685.2910

Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group

Heal in the company of others:

The Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group (SASS) will be held on Tuesdays beginning October 2nd-December 4th from 5:45-7:00pm. SASS is open to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. Meetings will follow an open support group format and participants determine group topics each week.  

Contact Alysha B. Warren, LPC, Therapist/Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator, for more info  at awarren(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or visit the SASS website.

The deadline to sign-up is Friday, September 28th