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Submit to the Shmagina Dialogues!


From Willa Beckman ’15:

The Shmagina Dialogues is a place for people of all genders and sexualities to express themselves and their ideas about sex and sexuality. Submissions of any form (monologues, scenes, creative writing, songs, dances, artwork) will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 20th. Themes can range from sex and sexuality to gender to intimacy to awkward Tinder dates to *social norms* to love and more. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining a reasonable time frame and high quality of work. Please email wbeckman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions.

App here.

Unlocked Magazine General Interest Meeting


Interested in sex? Artistic things? Possibly both? Come to the interest meeting for Unlocked, Wesleyan’s one and only arts and sexuality magazine. We’re looking for models, poets, photographers, erotica writers, illustrators, sexologists, essayists, and everyone in between. Come share your thoughts about sex at Wes and talk about the future of Unlocked!

Date: Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Time: 9:30PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Rm. 114

Burlesque Forum

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.00.37 PM

From Naya Samuel ’14:

For anyone who saw the show, or heard of the show, or know nothing and want to know more, we are inviting you to come discuss any issues, questions, or concerns with some of the cast and directors. We love to explain why we take part in the show, and want to encourage people to question WesBurlesque and bring issues to us directly!

Date: Thursday, May 15
Time: 3-4 p.m.
Place: USDAN 110

Can Sex-Ed Be Sexy? Through Porn and Print, Taormino ’93 Says ‘Yes’

Tristan Taormino ’93 lecturing on her college book tour. All images c/o Taormino.on tour college lecture

The editors of The Village Voice wanted someone to write about sex. Dan Savage’s weekly advice column “Savage Love” was gaining popularity and had outgrown its place in the back of the paper, alongside 900 numbers and ads for escorts. Sex needed a new section.

They convened a meeting. The late Don Forst, editor-in-chief at the time, asked if anyone had a writer in mind. One editor suggested the “Adventure Girl” columnist from the lesbian feminist publication On Our Backs. Was that the same woman who wrote that book on anal sex, another editor asked. A third wanted to know if she used to run her own ‘zine.

All three had in mind the same person: Tristan Taormino ’93, author, feminist pornographer, and now, sex columnist. They brought her into the Village Voice offices.

“They said they had one concern: Is there really that much to write about sex? Can you keep that going for a while?” Taormino said. “And of course, I kept it going for almost a decade.

“My answer then, and proves to be, yes.”

As Taormino has shaped her career, her brand of feminism has promoted realistic views of sex and sexuality by keeping politics and ethics at the forefront of her work. She had to carve her own path, but in doing so, she paved the way for dynamic change.

Unlocked Magazine General Interest Meeting


From Ella Dawson ’14:

Unlocked Magazine, Wesleyan’s only student-run art and sexuality magazine and calendar, wants YOU to come talk dirty with us this Tuesday night at 8pm in 41 Wyllys room 110.

Do you want to write smutty fiction or poetry, articles about gender and sexuality issues, blatantly inaccurate sex horoscopes, take pictures, model in various states of undress, draw pinups, or simply channel your addiction to sending Snapchat dick pics into something productive? This is the magazine for you.

Email us at unlockedmag[at]gmail[dot]com if you can’t make the meeting but want to know what we’re up to, if you want to buy the 2013 issue, or if you are a senior interested in posing for the 2014 calendar!

Date: Tuesday, Sept 17
Time: 8-9 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 110

Unlocked Magazine is For Sale and NSFW

Miriam Olenick ’13 writes in about the campus publication most likely to elicit amusing reactions from your parents this weekend (yes, that’s the cover pictured above):

Unlocked, Wesleyan’s art and sexuality magazine, is HAWT off the press and ready for purchase. Copies are $5 a piece, but if you can show me where your work/sexy modeling is you get a free copy!

Sam Maldonado ’13, Stefan Skripak ’13, and I will be selling copies from our respective homes until we get kicked out of this place on Monday. If you’re not here for senior week, Unlocked will be selling again at the beginning of next semester. We’re sorry for the delayed gratification — we had a bit of a struggle with our printers.

For now, contact me at (917) 371 8501, Sam at (413) 328 5406, or Stefan at (215) 527-9002 and we’ll figure out a time/place to get you a copy.

Contact: Sam Maldonado ’13, Stefan Skripak ’13, or Miriam Olenick ’13
$5 an issue

Todd Akin, Professor Tucker, and Legitimate Medieval Rape

“The female body may not be able to shut down conception, but we can at least shut down Akin’s wild claims.”

If you study at a liberal arts college like Wesleyan, you’ve probably already recoiled in disgust at Representative Todd Akin’s comments last week regarding pregnancy and rape.

But if you teach history and science in society at a small liberal arts college like Wesleyan, you’ve probably already unpacked analyzed the decidedly medieval roots and implications of Representative Todd Akin’s curiously antiquated theories of pregnancy and rape. You may have even gotten the New York Times to publish it as an op-ed. 

Enter Professor Jennifer Tucker, who smartly pointed out last week that Todd Akin’s views of rape are in fact quite consistent with science—as long as you’re living in 12th century Germany. Akin, of course, suggested that women are unlikely to become pregnant from rape, because “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Turns out this view is intriguingly consistent with what was preached by Hildegard of Bingen in the 12th century:

ASHA Demands Free STI Testing, is “Serious About Sex”

 Wesleyan student groups have a history of advocating for sexual health causes in the form of viral YouTube spots, so here’s the latest and greatest: “Wesleyan Is Serious About Sex,” a video by Susanna Banks ’13 and Taylor Morales ’13 to aid ASHA’s campaign for free STI testing at Wesleyan. The video involves PG-13 depictions of heavy petting in the Olin stacks (nice panning shots!) and liberal usage of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now,” so keep it away from your grandma.

Its purpose? To spread a Google Doc petition lobbying the University to “provide free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center.” As Banks explains it,

Wesleyan students are serious about sex. Let’s be serious about our sexual health, and DEMAND FREE STI TESTING! Currently getting tested for sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center can cost up to $100, creating a financial barrier for many students. Williams, Bowdin, and Colby offer free testing to their students—why don’t we?

Please watch our video and fill out the google form explaining to the University why you think it is important to have free testing. And of course, don’t forget to GYT—get yourself tested!

What say you? Should the university be expected to provide free STI testing for students?

ASHA has, in the past, provided the service at Green Street Arts Center and Eclectic. This year, there is no such option. For some figures, pricing for individual STI tests at Davison varies heavily—from no charge for public lice, scabies, and HPV (genital warts) tests to $150 for a Herpes blood test. Click past the jump for a full chart via Davison’s website. 

Wednesday Night Football Updates to the 21st Century

According to Phil Gentry ’02’s fantastic Wesleyan’s Queer History 1975-2000, the first queer group emerged at Wesleyan in the early 1975 and placed this advertisement in the Argus:

Coming to terms with gay feelings is difficult in this society, but especially at Wesleyan. About 15 Wes. People have been meeting: two times within the last two weeks, to discuss both what the needs are and what directions this group could take. Any member of the Wes. Community who feels that s/he is predominantly or exclusively gay are invited to the next meeting. For more info, the time and date, Call Bill 346-2448, after 8 p.m. Keep Trying. Your anonymity will be guaranteed. It commits you to nothing.

Today, that first sentence takes most readers by surprise: “especially at Wesleyan”? Really? The group began meeting in March of 1975 and publicly declaring itself the Wesleyan Gay Group. According to Ariel Schwartz ’12, that same year saw the birth of Wednesday Night Football, a weekly, totally confidential meeting space for queer and questioning students to talk. Like the ad says: “Your anonymity will be guaranteed. It commits you to nothing.” (Not like they had listservs in 1975, anyway. [How did it all work??]) Today, Wednesday Night Football still meets every Wednesday night. It still entails no commitment, no public outing, and no football. But WNF is considering some changes, and it wants your input—via email, and with full confidentiality. For the full announcement from Ariel Schwartz:

Tomorrow: Cookies and Milk, Sexuality and Religion

From Deena Godfrey ’12:

An open conversation about sexuality and religion, with cookies and milk! It’s going to be so awesome that Lady Gaga (and her egg) are going to make a guest appearance. Brought to you by the Interfaith Justice League, WesDEFs, and ResLife.

Date: Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Place: WestCo Lounge
Cost: [–]