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Wesleyan Farmers’ Market

This just in from the lovely market managers:

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10th
Where: 11 AM to 2 PM outside Usdan
Who: Raw You-niverse Smoothies blended with power from the bike generator!
——–Sweet Sage Bakery
——–Horse Listeners Orchard
——–Zen Coffee Roasters
——–Meriano’s Bake Shoppe
——–Auntie Arwen’s Spices
——–Long Lane Farm
and lunch provided by Bon Appetit!

Bring cash (not all vendors accept credit and debit).

Submit Your Cute Couples and Sexy Singles to Argus

Abbey Francis ’14 most definitely wants to gossip about your personal life in the storied pages of The Wesleyan Argus:

Do you know a cute couple or a sexy single that you think should be featured in the Valentines issue of the Argus? Submit your suggestions (their full names and class years, if known), as well as a brief description of why they deserve a spot in the issue, to arfrancis(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Alternately, you could simply drag your favorite inseparable couple or sensual bachelor in person to the Argus office on any given Monday or Thursday night—offering free Typhoon dinner typically works.

Argus Seeks Sexy Singles

Or, sexy singles seek the Argus. To seek other sexy singles.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the Argus is once again looking for nominations for the sexiest singles and cutest couples on campus for its annual VD issue, coming out this Friday. Help save a sexy friend from solitary bitterness this weekend, or offer your monogamous friends as an example of adorableness for the less fortunate.

If you know anyone in either category (including yourself, you uncanny self-promoter, you), send your nominations (with the phone numbers and email addresses of the nominees) to argus@wes as soon as possible to get them included. Nominees will then be contacted and asked if they want to participate.

Argus Sexy Singles – Spring edition!

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and you know at least one bitter single.

The Argus is looking for nominations for this year’s sexy singles (coming out on Tuesday). People should send their nominations (with phone numbers please) to argus(at)wesleyan.edu. Nominees will then be contacted and asked if they want to participate.

Argus sexy singles

Know someone who’s available and shakes hir ass like nobody’s business? Can ze bake delicious muffins with one hand and paint perfect Renoir reproductions with the other all while reading Feynmann’s lectures, listening to Burgmuller and giving excellent oral sex? Or maybe ze’s just, you know, a really goodsexy person?

Argus autumn sexy single nominations are due Wednesday Nov. 15 by 4pm. Send nominations to argus(at)wesleyan.edu. Embarrass your friends! They’ll love you (and maybe someone else) for it.