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Students for Consent and Communication Interest Meeting

12919902_1153151034725858_1658474764639139970_nFrom Sarah Lurie ’17:

Join us for Students for Consent and Communication’s first meeting of the school year! Students for Consent and Communication at Wesleyan University is a student group dedicated to anti-violence work and promoting healthy communication. We run workshops, write zines, host the annual Take Back the Night rally, and more! Come learn more about us and how you can get involved! RSVP to the facebook event here.

Date: Monday, September 19
Time: 6-7 PM
Place: Usdan 110

Take Back the Night

sfccFrom Students for Consent and Communication:

Take Back the Night is a global movement to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence. This year, we will march from Olin at 7 (come to poster-making in 200 Church the night before!!) to Foss for some student performances. At 8:30, we will have our first speak out circle on the CFA green, where survivors or friends can share their stories of sexual violence in a safe and non-judgmental space. After the speak out circle, the group will circle back to Andrus for a second speak out circle and a candlelight vigil. There will be a debriefing session in the DFC afterwards.

If you want to share a personal story of sexual violence in the speak out circles but would rather it be anonymous, you can submit it to this link and another person will read it for you at the event.

SFCC will be tabling for the event 4/25-4/28 11-2pm in Usdan if you have any questions/ want to pick-up some dope stickers and buttons.


Facebook links:
Take Back the Night
Poster Making

Date: Thursday, April 28
Time: 7-10 PM
Place: Olin

Abuse is Abuse: Students for Consent and Communication Demand Policy Changes

Pictured: Nina Gurak ’16, co-president of Students for Consent and Communication.
"Shaming you for your sexuality"

TRIGGER WARNING: The following discusses emotional and psychological abuse, and the issue of sexual assault at Wesleyan, and may be triggering for some readers. Community and official support resources can be accessed herehere, and here.

Students for Consent and Communication have had a busy semester so far. After staging a “How Much Longer Will We Carry That Weight?” demonstration, confronting the Board of Trustees about the alarming frequency of sexual assault on campus, SFCC brought their latest campaign online. With an “Abuse Is Abuse” photo campaign, showing students holding up signs describing forms of psychological and emotional abuse, the group looks to push the administration into action about creating a definition and policy about that abuse. (Photo campaigns in general are having quite the week, and for good reason.) Their petition, which you can read and sign online, has over 90 signatures at the time of publishing:

We, the community of Wesleyan University, believe that emotional and psychological abuse poses a direct threat to the health and safety of our students and community.

We as a school stand in solidarity with survivors of emotional and psychological abuse.

We strongly believe that the Department of Education got it wrong and that we can do better.

We demand a strong and clear policy that defines emotional and psychological abuse and advocate for its inclusion in Wesleyan’s existing Sexual Misconduct Policy.

I reached out to Nina Gurak ’16one of the co-presidents of SFCC, about the campaign. Below, you can see a few of the photographs from the campaign, which are also on Facebook and Twitter. On a related note, there is a forum to discuss Title IX policy and procedure tonight at 7PM in the Daniel Family Commons, which will inform policy changes for next semester.

Sex the Sex with WeSex

Willa Sexman ’15 sent you a sext:

Sex things are great! Ten thousand emails a week are overwhelming! Let’s do more sex things with fewer emails!

Message wbeckman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to be added to the WeSex listserv and get a weekly email on all sex (and health and queer) things at Wesleyan. Updates from ASHA, the PHAs, the SART Intern, We Speak We Stand, SFCC, Take Back The Night, the Clinic Escorts, Unlocked, and QueerWes will be combined and sent out in one (really just one I promise!) message letting you know all of the things going on during the week, how to get involved, and where to get free condoms and sex toys.

Involved in a sex-related group that isn’t part of WeSex? Email wbeckman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu about your group to get on the list!

From Hook-ups to Relationships: Keeping it Consensual Workshop

Students for Consent and Communication invites you to a conversation about enthusiastic consent, sexual assault, and rape culture:

Through this workshop, we will provide a space to discuss and reflect on these important issues and build skills on how to obtain consent in relationships and discern whether a person is able to provide consent. We will also discuss bystander intervention strategies, develop personal definitions of consent and examine Wesleyan’s policies dealing with consent and sexual misconduct.

Location: Downey House Lounge
Date: Wednesday, October 10
Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

RVSP to rverner(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and bring your friends! Check out the Facebook event here.

WeSex Listserve

From favorite life-sized Barbie doll Willa Beckman ’15:
E-mail wbeckman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu to be added to the WeSex listserve and get a weekly message on all things relating to sex at Wesleyan!  Updates from ASHA, the PHAs, the SART Intern, SFCC, Unlocked, and the Clinic Escorts will be combined and sent out in one compact message letting you know all of the things going on during week, how to get involved, and where to get free condoms and vibrators!

Involved in a sex-related group that isn’t part of WeSex? E-mail wbeckman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu about your group to get on the list!


Did you miss the Dating Violence/Healthy Relationships talk at Beta? Wish you had heard about the FGSS Symposium? Wondering about different queer groups on campus? Sign up for the WeSex listserv – every week you will receive ONE email (really! Just one! We promise!) with information about events and issues on all things sex at Wes. If you have something to submit to the email blast, send it to ccohen@wesleyan.edu by Sundays at 5pm.


ASHA for College is working on some new workshops and we want YOUR input about what you’d like to see at Wesleyan – Debunking Cosmo Mythis? Monogamish Relationships? Take this QUICK (30 second!) survey and let us know.

SFCC Clothesline Project

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence Awareness month evolved from Unity Day with the intent to connect advocates across the nation who were working to end violence. In light of this, SFCC (Students for Consent and Communication) is having an active clothesline project inspired by the ClothesLine Project. The clothesline project is a vehicle for those affected by, or those that wish to raise awareness on, violence to express their feelings by decorating a t-shirt to display on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence.

This will be displayed in the Olin Lobby starting this coming week. In the meantime, SFCC will be tabling at Usdan this week during lunch and dinner if you want to decorate a t-shirt. There will also be a workshop for decorating shirts in a more private space during the SFCC meeting this Monday at 8 p.m.

Where: Usdan
When: Starting tomorrow 10/13 at Noon

Where: Olin Lobby Starting Sunday 10/16

Campus Wide Discussion on Healthy Relationships

From Cory Meara-Bainbridge ’13 and DKE and Beta and Womanist House and Well Being House and pretty much every other group on campus this side of Art House:

Come join Beta, DKE, Womanist House, Women of Color House, Well Being House, ASHA, and SFCC as we bring many voices together to engage in dialogue around what it means to have healthy relationships, led by Tanya Purdy from WesWell and Alysha Warren from CAPS.

Date: Monday, October 10
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Place: Beta (184 High Street)

Screening of “The Line”

From Eliza Gordon ’11:

The Line is a film that explores the importance of consent in sexual activity, with a special focus on complications that exist when the line of consent is not perfectly clear. The film is described as “a fearless 24-minute documentary that chronicles one woman’s personal journey after she is raped – exploring the line of consent, justice, accountability and today’s media saturated ‘rape culture’”.

Launched in tandem with the film, The Line Campaign is an interactive space for dialogue about boundaries and consent.” Nancy Schwartzman, the director and producer of the film, will be joining us for a discussion session following the film. For more information, go to whereisyourline.org.

Date: Wednesday, Feb 16
Time: 7 – 8:30 pm
Where: SHAN107
Cost: $0.00