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Kirtan Shabbat

kirtan-rabbi-shabbat-thingTalia Goldberg ’19 writes in:

Join the Wesleyan Jewish Community as we celebrate the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) with a guest Rabbi who will lead us in Hebrew prayers in the form of Kirtan! What is Kirtan? It’s a form of chanting developed in India that creates a “communal feeling and ecstatic communion with the divine. Its usual, distinguishing feature is a formula of singing based on call-and-response.” You don’t have to be Jewish or know Hebrew to come, you just have to appreciate music! Dinner afterwards is home-cooked and free. http://kirtanrabbi.com/

Date: Friday, September 23
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: the Bayit

Minyanim Shabbat

shabbat thingTalia Kaplan ’18 writes in:

What’s more fun than Shabbat? Extra Shabbat! Join the Wesleyan Jewish Community for Minyanim Shabbat, a Shabbat full of options!

Promptly at 5:15, we will light candles in the Bayit. Then, people will have their choice of prayer services. Rebecca Sussman ’18 will be leading a traditional egalitarian service with beautiful melodies, group davening, and time for personal prayer. Ellie Donner-Klein will be leading a musical service with Steven Fields on guitar! They will be incorporating some of their favorite URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) camp tunes.

Before dinner, we will all join together for a brief d’var torah and a concluding song.

Date: Friday, February 5
Time: 5-7:30 PM
Place: the Bayit (157 Church Street)
facebook event

Nature Reflection Walk

From Talia Baurer ’15:3338431271_JumpingInLeaves_xlarge

Enjoying the changing colors outside? Feeling reflective? Want a
little bit of exercise to work off all that midterm stress-eating?
Come on a reflective nature walk this Friday evening with the Jewish
community to start off autumn right! The walk will begin and end at
the Bayit, where Shabbat dinner will follow as usual. See you there!

Date: Friday, October 11
Time: 6-7 P.M.
Place: the Bayit, 157 Church St. (rain or shine!)

Music, Dancing, and Food for Simchat Torah


Courtesy of Matthew Stein ’16:

Join the Jewish community for a night of music from Wesleyan’s klezmer band Veeblefetzer, dancing led by world-renowned Yiddish dance master Steve Weintraub (WHAT A MENSCH!), and free food (IT’S FREE!) Shabbat services will begin at 5:30, the festivities will start immediately afterwards at approximately 6:15, and a home-cooked Shabbat dinner will follow as usual.

Sponsored by the Yiddish Book Center with support from the Jack & Ruthe B. Cowl Center for Jewish Culture.

Date: Friday, September 27
Time: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: The Bayit (157 Church St)
Facebook: Here!

Shabbat with Rabbi Andrea

Rabbi David Teva gives a fellow rabbi a chance to shine:

Come for music, meditation, and higher consciousness. Shabbat is a
‘reset button’ for all humanity. All are welcome. Shabbat is
followed by home-made dinner made by the Shabbat/Challah Co-Op.

Date: Tonight, February 1
Time: 6pm
Place: The Bayit
Cost: Free

Shabbat with Rabbi Andrea

From Britt Duncan ’15:

Come for music, community-building, and higher consciousness. Shabbat is a ‘reset button’ for all humanity. All are welcome. Shabbat is followed by home-made dinner made by the Shabbat/Challah Co-Op.

Date: Friday, November 30
Time: 6pm
Place: The Bayit
Cost: Free

Havdalah Ritual & Meal

This brought to you by Miriam Kudler-Flam ’15:

Join us for Havdalah this Saturday night to spiritually close Shabbat and enjoy a sense of renewal for the new week. Havdalah is a powerful Jewish ritual of distinguishing light from dark and Shabbat from the work week. We are hoping to build a grounding moment that is unique to our community. The ritual will include brief traditional blessings and beautiful melodies, followed by a dinner. We welcome all religious affiliations and non-affiliations and invite any instruments, songs, poems, or dance to share.

Date: Saturday, October 17
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Place: Zelnick Pavilion


“Shema (listen), and let the chatter of your mind retreat to the quiet voice of your soul.”

Do you like meditation, chanting, Jewish prayer or all three? Come experience “Shemantra” at the Bayit, featuring Richard Gans and friends, followed by Shabbat dinner!

Layering traditional Hebrew liturgy and texts with accessible melodies and rich digital instrumentation, Richard Gans has been called a renaissance man of Jewish prayer. With a strikingly resonant voice and refreshingly simplistic compositions, Gans has taken call-and-response to a new level of musicality and spiritual renewal. His debut album Shemantra promises to touch the hearts and souls of a new generation of seekers.

Come join us for a unique Shabbat experience!

  • Date: Friday, February 3rd
  • Time: 6-8 p.m.
  • Place: The Bayit

Challah for (C)hunger

Elisa Waugh ’13 ain’t no challah back girl:

Come buy delicious challah (regular and chocolate chip) baked by your weekly Shabbat challah bakers and friends! Proceeds will go to helping continuing relief in Darfur and Pakistan!

(Challah is a sweet Jewish egg bread typically made for the weekly holiday of Shabbat. It makes amazing french toast, is great toasted, with sandwiches, with everything!)

  • Date: October 10
  • Time: 7:30 – 10:30 PM
  • Place: Olin Library
  • Cost: $5

Note: I went to Hebrew School for six years and never heard of chocolate chip challah before, so I’m thinking Elisa may be on to something.

Global Hunger Shabbat

Join the Bayit for a special Shabbat that will explore issues of hunger and food security:

Date: Friday April 9
Time: 6:15 pm
Location: the Bayit (157 Church Street)