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Elie Wiesel + Drake = Huh?

[pictured: rapper Drake, Shadow Room bartender Tiffany Amber; not pictured: Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel]

This is probably the first time Canadian rapper Drake and Nobel Laureate writer Elie Wiesel have ever been mentioned in the same blog post, so consider it a treat: these two exciting guests chose the same week to visit our humble Middletown.

Drake, who played a show in Wallingford Thursday night, apparently had his after party at The Shadow Room on Main Street. We’re a few days late on the Middletown gossip, but the Middletown Eye has the details in a post appropriately titled “If You Happened To See Someone Who Looked Like Drake Last Night On Main Street”:

Drake arrived at midnight, and the party, open to the public, had the crowd dancing to Drake’s personal DJ until 3 a.m.

With a heads-up from club owner Nicholas Caraci, Middletown and State Police were positioned outside the club. Caraci indicated that there was no trouble at the club.  The door was supervised by a Middletown fire marshall, and the event was supervised by four state troopers and about a dozen Middletown Police patrol cars.

Wesleyan Wednesdays at the Shadow Room


From the wonderful Barry Finder ’09:

The Shadow Room starts a Wesleyan night on Wednesdays! This week there is buy one get one drinks for ANYTHING you want!! Also, there is a DJ and it’s just a different ambiance than Gatekeeper/Hair of the Dog. So check it out this week and enjoy the drink special!

Word. Another reason to celebrate Bar Night.

Date: every Wednesday night
Place: The Shadow Room, 170 Main St
Price: Buy one, get one free!

The Shadow Room/Shag Frenzy in Middletown

shadow-roomThe Shadow Room café/lounge on Main Street, which opened last semester, is setting itself up to be a Middletown hot spot this year.

Located where Mega Wraps used to be (right on Main Street between College and William Streets), it has Mega Wraps’ sandwich menu for lunch and opens up the bar in the evening, with 6 craft beers on tap and film projections running along one wall.

As if that isn’t enough of a welcome bar night alternative to the Gatekeeper, there’s other stuff going on the rest of the week:

Hartford’s locally famous “Shag Frenzy” indie dance night (voted the Hartford Advocate‘s best dance night) is moving to the Shadow Room, and will be on the third Saturday of every month starting this Saturday, the 19th, with no cover charge.

Check out their Facebook event.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 19 (and the 3rd Saturday of every month after)
Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Place: The Shadow Room, 170 Main Street


The Shadow Room is also hosting “Twisted Tuesdays”, a weekly gay night. From Barry Finder ’09 and Jegadish Guna ’11: