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Second Stage Presents: SHE KILLS MONSTERS


Mio Magee ’18 writes in:

What lay in the world beyond was greater than anything she had ever

Second Stage presents SHE KILLS MONSTERS, a dramatic comedy about a
considerably average woman who finds herself in a Dungeons and Dragons
world. She plays a game module that her deceased younger sister has
left behind, fighting deadly monsters alongside her sister’s character.

There are no tickets for this event; come early to ensure a seat!
We have very limited seating space.

Date: Thursday, April 2nd- Saturday, April 4th
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

Audition for She Kills Monsters

From Mio Magee ’18:

Unleash the geek and warrior within you… Audition for She Kills Monsters! She Kills Monsters is a one-act comedic romp about a considerably average young woman who finds a Dungeons and Dragons game module her deceased teenaged sister had left for her. She battles in the fantasy world alongside her sister’s D&D character, combatting demons, homicidal faeries and three-headed dragons. Hilarity and epic swordfighting ensue.

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