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All Campus Emails: Shelter in Place (for real this time) and All Clear Tornado Warning Lifted

At 5:31 PM today, Wesleyan sent out an email with the subject line “URGENT – Shelter in Place” to the campus. This occurred almost half an hour after many received weather alerts from various weather services on their phones, including the one in this tweet from WesWings:

Many students were surprised by the sudden appearance of the severe weather (this is Connecticut! We’re not supposed to get tornados in Connecticut!)(Except for when we do), as evidenced by the dozens of people I witnessed pour out into the Exley lobby to ogle at the strange-colored sky, high winds, and lightning. One of our editors captured this lightning strike from an upper floor window:

The Shelter in Place warning was lifted in a follow up email by PSafe at 5:50 PM, but weather.com reports that the threat has been lowered to a severe thunderstorm watch until 11 pm.

Read below for the full text of the two emails:

Wesleying Reports: The Campus Wide Shelter in Place Drill


After a series of appropriately chaotic events, we think we finally have some reporting to do. This article concerns the so-called “shelter in place” drill, the subject of a saga of emails from Director of Public Safety Scott Rohde. Ten of our staff have contributed to the reporting in this article, and their contributions are much appreciated.

Our first inklings that something was astir came on Monday, February 6, 2017, when Scott Rohde sent an all-campus email about a “shelter in place” drill that would be happening on Thursday of that week: