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Be Wary: You Might Be OverheardAtWesleyan

If you’ve been on a magical excursion to the WesACB in the past 15 hours, you may have stumbled upon a post that might make you reconsider discussing last Friday night in public. Likely inspired by Overheard in New York, @OverheardAtWes is a new Twitter account that tweets the ridiculous things Wesleyan students say. Be aware when you’re talking about that hook up last night or your love for Feminist Ryan Gosling. Someone’s listening. Even when you’re stoned:

Is this the new “Shit Wesleyan Students Say?” Will the student body have a self-reflective revelation? How long will it take for something to be called a social construct? Only time will tell.

Shit Wesleyan Students Say: “Someone Should Make a ‘Shit Wesleyan Students Say’ Video”

This meme is old as shit, so consider this the obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” video to end all semi-amusing obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” videos, or something like that. Thank Jay Benedith ’14 for the cinematic project itself, and while you’re at it, thank A-Batte for the tip—thank God someone on staff here spends his nights scrolling through the “Wesleyan” tag on Tumblr instead of doing work. (Also thank me for not making another fecal/oral joke while writing about “SHIT” videos. Believe me, I tried.)

I would be remiss not to mention that The Ampersand has already produced its own illuminating collection of “shit” Wesleyan “students” “say.” Its items include, but are not limited to: 1) “We should go chill on Foss”; 2) “Look, there’s Michael Roth!”; and 3) “Wesleyan is located in Middletown, Connecticut.” On point, guys.