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Photos: DIIV Sounds Like DIIV, Grows Audience Exponentially

I was going to begin this post with a comment on how much Brooklyn quartet DIIV has changed since they performed here last February, but really they haven’t. Besides changing their name from Dive to DIIV, the band is pretty much the same. Same syrupy guitar reverb. Same half-mumbled vocal lines from Zachary Cole Smith, who began the group as a side project from Beach Fossils. Same raggedy fashion aesthetic. Same dreampop melodies. Maybe drummer Colby Hewitt’s backbeats were a little more assertive this time around, but not much else.

It’s the audience that has changed. Or maybe it’s just gown exponentially. When DIIV opened for Teenage Cool Kids last February, their audience consisted of about eleven students and one beach ball. Last night, after a summer that brought them much hype and a few highprofile opening slots, DIIV commanded a crowd well over 200 and dove (ha) triumphantly through most of the material on debut LP Oshin. Plus, maybe it’s the lack of serious punk shows on the calendar this semester, but this crowd seemed especially ready to blow off steam.

Lower Dens / Treasure Island @ Eclectic

Still not sure how to deal with that mad awk block of time between The Princess Bride and Haters in the Building? Enjoyed DIVE’s set last weekend in Eclectic’s dining room, but wish there was a touch more gated reverb involved? Or does it just seem like freaking forever since Treasure Island’s maddeningly infectious “TV & Poetry” was stuck like nutella in your head?

As we’ve previously reported round these parts, Baltimore-based indie-mopers Lower Dens are rolling through Eclectic tonight after a spirited opening set by acclaimed Post-Linus sweethearts Treasure Island. Dens’ upcoming offering is a double-LP called Nootropics, and, if “Brains” is any indication, it’s going to be a wonderfully shoegazy, mopey, noise-infested affair. Hannah Baker ’14 offers up more details for tonight’s show:

Lower Dens’ first album, Twin Hand Movement, was arguably one of the best sleeper hits of 2010. Their newest single, “Brains,” was given Best New Music by Pitchfork and their highly anticipated new album, Nootropics, is dropping later this spring on Ribbon Music (the Domino Records-affiliated label that’s released material from John Maus, Laura Marling, and Black Dice). To watch the awesome new video for “Brains,” click here.