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Amazon Starts Renting (Physical) Textbooks


Amazon announced today that it is now renting out physical textbooks, in addition to the online rentals it debuted last year.  Those of us who have purchased textbooks from Amazon know that it can “buyback” books you’ve purchased from the site, but it only pays you back in store credit (and not very much of it, either).  According to VentureBeat, most of these print books will rent at $30-$60 per semester (130 days + possible 15-day extension).

By renting out print books, Amazon’s entering a market that’s been growing more crowded lately.  Services like Chegg and Ebay’s Half.com rent books at similar price ranges, but The Verge posits that “Amazon’s ubiquity means it’s likely to make the practice more mainstream.”  Rent out your books before it’s too cool, and check out Amazon’s textbook rental here.  Fanhirs of the company may also want to check out Amazon Prime Student for free two-day shipping.

And how does one  get their textbooks without being ripped off?

M-Link Schedule

Middletown Area Transit MAT M-LinkOne of the biggest accomplishments of the WSA last year, at least from my perspective, was getting the M-Link to stop on campus.  The “M-Link Middletown/Meriden Connection” is a bus service provided by Middletown Area Transit (MAT).  For a town that’s loosely in the middle of New York and Boston, loosely in the middle of New Haven and Hartford, and even has middle in it’s name, you ironically can’t seem to get anywhere without a car.

M-Link William Street and High StreetWith the introduction of M-Link, you can now easily access shopping areas like Washington Plaza, the Westfield Mall, and the ever controversial Walmart for $1.25 (in change). Thats a dollar less than in New York, 75 cents less than in San Francisco, and 25 cents less than on-board in Boston–more money to waste.  If you really want to get away from Wes, you can get to the Meriden Station and catch Amtrak six days a week.

Because the MAT web site does not appear to have an updated schedule, below is the new timetable.  Note that all times are approximate, and you should arrive five minutes early to be safe. [Please click ‘Read More’ if you’re viewing this from the Wesleying homepage.]

[Schedule provided by WSA’s Zach Malter ’13]

“Wesleyan Blouse”: an actual product

Hay grlz. If the garments pictured below look like something from your ensemble, know that You Are Wesleyan.

wesleyan blouse french

wesleyan blouse

At least according to ModCloth, a “mod retro indie/vintage” online clothing store which is marketing the pink one as “Wesleyan Blouse in French Class“, and the green one as “Wesleyan Blouse in History Class“.

Um. Talk about niche marketing. This is the site’s description:

We think the educated ladies of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University would love to wear this ivy green/rose pink, vintage-inspired blouse! This asymmetrical top from Dainty June features a rainbow of over-sized buttons running down the front, a unique roll over collar with a notch accent, and cute cuffed sleeves. Match with a pencil skirt and oxfords for a look that will have cute study buddies following you around campus!

Cute!! The only semi-plausible reason I could think of why this exists was that some earnest Wes alum works for this company and wanted to shout this place out. But no Wesleyan graduate would be so devoid of irony as to write the above paragraph.

Anyway, I’m not sure what makes these clothes particularly suited to Wesleyan’s educated ladies. Is a Mad-Men-inspired ModCloth designer making an oblique reference to Matthew Weiner‘s alma mater? Is our character once again being confused with Wellesley‘s?

Especially in light of our recent collective identity crisis, I am really confused about what sort of image we project. Clearly Wesleyan has been presented as relatively fashion-forward in the recent past, but what is this?

Each blouse goes for $79.99. Are any of you educated Wesleyan ladies ironic enough/lacking enough in irony to wear one to history class? French class? Finishing school?

Urban Outfitters, Right-Wing Cash Cow

Recycled news, but the frequent Urban Outfitters shoppers among you might be interested to know where a lot of your fashionably spent money goes: directly into the pockets of the far-right-wing establishment:

“…Shopping in Urban makes you feel like you are somewhere radically Left-wing, an antidote to the corporate blandness of The Gap. But Hayne is a stanch conservative who donates money to Republican politicians, not least Rick Santorum, a now failed Senator whose views on homosexuality are both bizarre and old-fashioned.

Hayne doesn’t give many interviews precisely because he’s afraid that college slackers who get to know him will suddenly realise that buying his clothes is like giving cash to George Bush. Once described as projecting a “Dick Cheney-esque aura of no-nonsense grayflannel gravitas”, Hayne must be the only retailer whose expansion plans depend on no one finding out who he really is.

Despite the strife in the sector, Urban just beat Wall Street profit expectations yet again. So far, the illusion is holding up perfectly.”

Just saying, even if you don’t aspire to be a conscious consumer/haven’t taken any standard social theory classes, it’s hard to miss the cynicism/ingenious irony of taking money from progressive liberals to give to social conservatives. Although this is the place that used to sell Ghettopoly, “Voting is for Old People” t-shirts, and kaffiyehs, so calculated cynicism shouldn’t be that surprising.

– ThisIsMoney: Square Who Got Hip to Urban Chic
– Philadelphia Weekly: Clothes Make the Man

How to feel like James Bond

Greg Trelski is the A&E editor of the Campus Lantern, a student publication at Eastern Connecticut State University. He also knows something most people don’t (thanks for the tip, Greg!):

Underground Shopping in Boston:

“Speaking with the person behind the counter is the most important step in the process of accessing Bodega. “Yo man, I’m here for the goods.” Expect for the person to pretend like they have no clue what you’re referencing, and just respond with something like, “Quit bullshittin’ me man.” With a push of a button, the Snapple machine you thought would steal your dollar turns out to be the doorway to the coolest shopping experience in The Northeast.”
More here.