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WeSLAM and QueerWes Present: The Short Poem Slam (feat. Cam and Sam)

cam and sam blue

WeSLAM, Wesleyan’s premiere slam-poetry organization, is back from spring break with a tan, a shorter attention span, and an illegally obtained case of PBR. So y’all best prep yourselves for our second-ever Short Poem Slam:

The rounds will go like this:

  • 1st round: 1 minute poem 
  • 2nd round: 30 second poem 
  • 3rd round: 15 second poem (Haikus Are Totes Kosher For Pesach) 

But that’s not all. The incredibly talented and prolific Cam Awkward-Rich ’11 and Sam Sax, also known as the Gay Pride Poetry Tour, will be featuring with an earth-shatteringly hilarious, devastating, and mindblowing set of poems that are sure to knock your socks off (to say the least).

WeSLAM Presents: Short Poem Slam (feat. Sierra DeMulder)

From the Facebook event:

WeSLAM is back and ready for YOUR poetry. But with the start of a new semester, we thought we’d change things up a bit. Slam poems have traditionally been limited to 3 minutes…but we think you can spit your shit in an even shorter amount of time. So without further ado, we are introducing WeSLAM’s first ever…

SHORT POEM SLAM!!! Tomorrow! 8:30 PM! WestCo Cafe! 

The rounds will go like this:

  • 1st round: 1 minute poem
  • 2nd round: 30 second poem
  • 3rd round: 15 second poem (remember, haikus exist!)

Everybody is welcome. Poets, get to WestCo Cafe right at 8:15PM to sign up. Bring your shortest of poems. Besides the time limit, regular rules apply.

But that’s not all. To start things off, Sierra DeMulder, one of the most accomplished and recognizable young women in the world of slam poetry, will be featuring. She’s a freaking beast! You won’t wanna miss this. Video after the jump.

  • WHEN?: Tomorrow (February 9th) @ 8:30pm, signups @ 8:15pm
  • WHERE?: WestCo Café
  • WHY?: Because it will be an excellent start to your semester.