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Bring Proof, All Ye Who Enter Here

For those of who love searching for the afikomen like a little kid or eating latkes drenched in applesauce, even if it means struggling through the four questions every other year, rest assured that you may continue to enjoy these things even if the State of Israel doesn’t think you’re really Jewish.

If you want to get married, on the other hand, you may have some issues. The New York Times Magazine has published a fascinating article on just how difficult it can be to prove you’re a Jew. As the article astutely notes, there was a time when it was pretty damn safe to assume that no one would illegitimately claim to be Jewish – there just wasn’t anything to be gained. I guess that’s no longer true.

Does this make sense? Well, to me at least, it seems like there are few enough of us as it is – no real need to be exclusive. On the other hand, clubs that everyone can join are intrinsically less fun… (ahh for the days of “NO GiRLZ”).