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Booking Collective General Interest Meeting!

Sophie Sokolov ’18 writes in:


have you noticed that a lot of the shows @ wes are similar music ? Have you wanted to try to book a show, but didn’t totally know how, or thought the process was too confusing or required too many resources and hidden costs?

I’m trying 2 start a booking collective @ wes ! Some tentative goals may/could be

– Supporting marginalized musicians, using Wesleyan concert funds as a way to directly fund black/brown/queer artists
-Working with survivors of assault to help create safer concerts
-Making booking shows more accessible by helping to spread around some of the responsibility and sharing resources
-Working collectively to hold each other accountable, and in radical presence, to create music as a means of connection

Date: Friday, April 8
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Place: The Workshop
Facebook Event: here


The naan-cuttin, forever-my-love Faith Harding ’14 is gonna be in this show, so it’s defintely where you wanna be tonight:


This Friday the Stereocure Collective will descend upon the Wesleyan
campus to present a diverse, innovative, and boogie-friendly
smorgasbord of music at Eclectic. Four acts (including Wesleyan’s own
Novelty Daughter) + tasty visuals from Real Boy Digital will keep both
your ears and eyes satisfied for the better part of your night.

Featuring music from:




Stereocure is a collective of musicians, writers, and artists
dedicated to a vision of contemporary music culture that is inspired
by a progressive and creative spirit. We are part music blog and part
digital record label. The Stereocure collective was founded by a group
of childhood friends from Los Angeles, California who have developed a
network of like-minded artistic collaborators that spans from the west
to the east coast.

Date: TODAY, Friday, October 25th
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: Eclectic Dining Room
Cost: FREE FREE free FREE free free FrEe

Fall Concert Bookings


Don’t sit around and mope if you haven’t liked the concerts that have come to Wesleyan this past year; start booking better ones! Chelsie Green ’14 drops by with a way for you to get involved:

If you’ve booked a show before, you can take advantage of the opportunity to book a show now for the first part of the fall semester. Feel free to check any dates between September 5 and October 17 — preferably a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Please email ctgreen@wes, chickox@wes, and ehill@wes with your proposal. Include info about the act(s), potential dates, and what venue you are thinking of using. We’ll be working on a “first come, first serve” basis like we do during the school year, and with only a percentage of our budget.

Remember: if you don’t participate, you don’t get to complain!

Concert Committee Forum

The inestimable Chelsie Green ’14 invites you to an open forum at which many topics will be addressed, none of which will be booking Spring Fling:

Concert Committee is holding a forum this Thursday for anyone looking to voice concerns, suggestions, or comments relating to CC’s operation this year. If you can’t make it, feel free to email me at chelsietgreen(at)gmail(dot)com with anything you’d like to let us know.

Date: Today, May 2
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 112
Cost: None

Photos: Shabazz Palaces, Not Too Shabazzy

On Thursday night, a captivating parade of psychedelic hip hop and space-funk beamed down into the Eclectic ballroom in the form of performances by Seattle-based rap duo Shabazz Palaces and R&B duo THEESatisfaction. Here’s evenstevens weighing in on THEESatisfaction’s performance:

These ladies were killer, with a tight, controlled sound while also totally getting into a funky groove that was felt throughout the house. Sometimes, especially with hip hop, it’s hard to have quality sound in the Eclectic ballroom, but these two totally had it down, and their awesome vocals were clear and beautiful. More subdued than one might’ve expected, Irons and Harris-White made up for any sort of lull with their talented voices and exciting blend of neo-soul and rap. And when these two came back on stage during Shabazz Palaces’ set, they brought the concert to a whole other level that made for some incredible songs.

Here’s Tuna on Shabazz Palaces’ set:

Guest Post: Yes, It Is a Problem That There Is Not a Single Woman in the Spring Fling Lineup

Bernstein ’13, a senior and former member of Spring Fling Committee, reflects on male domination in the Wesleyan music scene—and how it can be changed.

Riot grrrl supergroup Wild Flag performs at Eclectic in October 2011. Photo by Rachel Pincus ’13.

Ally Bernstein ’13 offers a critical view on the 2013 Spring Fling lineup, weighing in on an argument that appeared in the comments section of Thursday night’s announcement post:

As I struggle to match words to my experience, I recall the last time someone wrote an article critical of the gender imbalance in the Wesleyan music scene. Avery Trufelman ’13 wrote a Wespeak in 2010 in response to our general feelings of malaise as well as an upsetting incident of sexual assault at a Titus Andronicus concert. And while she wrote it during the beginning of our sophomore year, as a senior, I wonder how much has changed. At the recent, excellent Potty Mouth concert in the WestCo Café, an overwhelmingly male audience turned out to watch four punk ladies from Northampton churn out sweetly melodic lo-fi tunes. Spring Fling Committee is 72% male. The Spring Fling lineup is 100% male. The majority of campus bands are still male.

Since the Potty Mouth show, I’ve tried to figure out why. Why don’t more female Wesleyan students attend shows, and why don’t more female Wesleyan students play shows? Why are women not engaged by what Wesleyan has to offer? In 2012 I visited a friend living in Olympia, Washington, birthplace of riot grrrl and home base of Kathleen Hanna, who spoke at Wesleyan in 2010. I attended a show at my friend’s house, and every single band out of the four that played had at least one non-male member. Many had more. Not only did these ladies kill it, but the atmosphere in the crowded living room was electric. Men and women and non-binary folks were all feeding off the positive energy of dedicated people making good music. During that trip, I sat in on some band practices where people of all genders were collaborating and sharing and just figuring things out. The attitude was infectious.

Waves Magazine Drops First Issue, Posts Flatbush Zombies Photos

Photo by Kevin Brisco ’13.

Kevin Brisco ’13 and Taylor Harbison ’13 write in to let you know that they’ve posted a handful of photos from last Thursday’s Flatbush Zombies performance over at Waves Magazine, a recently launched new music publication. You can view the full gallery here, as well as some choice highlights below.

Waves just dropped its first ever issue, and Jay Sharma ’16 writes in with details:

This week marks the release of Waves Magazine‘s first issue! This issue is dedicated to Wesleyan Alumni who are making waves in the world of music. The literature included ranges from alumni interviews, concert reviews, album reviews, editorial pieces, history lessons, opinion pieces, and more. We wanted to reach a wide audience; therefore, we decided to make the first issue a digital version. The entire Waves Magazine team has put in a tremendous amount of time and work. The second issue will be dedicated to Wesleyan Seniors and will be released before the end of the semester. Until then, check out the first issue here, and keep checking the blog to stay up to date on music on and off campus.

Photos: Fletcher C. Johnson Heats Up WestCo Cafe

Thursday night at the WestCo cafe, Brooklyn-based folk-rock band Fletcher C. Johnson warmed the crowd with their blues-rock and made it feel like seeing a high school band play noisy folk tunes out of their garage on a summer night somewhere in suburban California. It’s no coincidence that Pitchfork crowns Fletcher’s music as a totally respectable revival of 1960s blues-rock scene, but with its own pop-rock spin. Fletcher is remarkable for their organic incorporation of danceable rock music with traditional folk and blues.

Wesleyan’s own Featherwood Bee set the scene for the first hour with their hard-rock jams. Bee, consisting of WesKids Ben Gottesman ’13 (bass), Adam Johnson ’14 (drums), Kelly Lee ’14 (guitar, vocals) and John Ryan ’14 (lead guitar, vocals), opened the show with rock n’ roll music. Their music features bass-heavy verses punctuated by loud, explosive choruses—as is customary in hard rock. In most songs, you can hear obvious Led Zeppelin influences; but in their more mellow tunes, there are traces of The Grateful Dead and their blues, jam-band style. This band is pretty active on the music scene here at Wes, so if you don’t see them play in the near future, check out their music here.

Oneohtrix Point Bada$$: An October Concert Preview

What do How To Dress Well, The Soft Moon, DIIV, Atlas Sound, and Joey Bada$$ have in common?

One month into school, we’re well into the swing of things: academics, buffoonery, weather, slacktivism, impromptu Peter Yarrow singalongs. Impossibly sleek after its über-hip Prince Rama-guested launch party, Aural Wes is also back in action after a month of hibernating, freshly redesigned with some friendly pine trees in the background to boot. There’s also the upcoming shows calendar page—kind of like the Film Board calendar, except it doesn’t pop up in the background of all of your dorm room pregame photo shoots. Can you dig it?

Thus far, Wesleying has been diligently covering the fall’s musical offerings on a post-morten basis, from Laura Stevenson and Top 40 Cover Band and Plume Giant to our own mini-Insanity Weekend of sorts (Danny Brown, Prince Rama, R. Stevie Moore) to Thursday’s evening with Ben Seretan ’10 and Oneohtrix Point Never. We haven’t, though, given much attention to what lies ahead. And there’s a lot of it. So in the spirit of previous Wesleying concert previews and the newly revamped Aural Wes, here’s a (by no means exhaustive or comprehensive) glimpse at the lineup between now and mid-November. (No, not just October. I lied.) Scroll on for the lineup.

Here’s How to Buy Tickets For Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde “Making Out Onstage for an Hour”

No, you can’t exchange Adderall for tickets.

Yes, loudmouth weirdo Detroit rapper Danny Brown and 19-year-old Florida Tumblr-Wave sensation Kitty Pryde are coming to Eclectic on Thursday night. Yes, you can buy tickets with $5 (small bills, for the love of Ghostface) starting in Usdan tomorrow. Yes, Mr. Brown and Ms. Pryde are apparently dating not dating after all (they met over Twitter, and this will be their first show together). Yes, Tumblr-Wave is apparently a thing now. And yes, Kitty Pryde did actually post this in the Facebook event:

Danny Brown is probably the first chip-toothed rapper to compose romantic metaphors involving bulls, matadors, and “a pregnant Labrador,” while Kitty Pryde is definitely still in high school in Daytona Beach. If nothing else, this will be probably the weirdest hip hop event since Mr. Mothafuckin’ eXquire materialized in Eclectic last Spring. You can get tickets in Usdan beginning tomorrow (they’ll probably go fast).