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A story.

So this one time last year I was peeing in Down 1, right? I’m in the bathroom and suddenly I hear the door open and the not-so-familiar sound of skateboard on bathroom tile. And some guy rolls in on his skateboard into a stall, pisses and flushes while standing on his board, then skates from the stall to the sink, washes up, and skates back out again. The entire time I’m sitting in my stall watching his feet from the gap at the bottom of the door, and the only time he even touches the floor is using one foot to push himself along once in a while.

I’m telling you this because Didi Dunphy at Modern Convenience designed these kind-of excessive, kind-of cool padded skateboards, called Inside Skate. Apparently it’s for skateboarding indoors:

Tuck n’ Roll Upholstered Naugahyde Skateboards for a soft cushioned skate down your sweeping hall.

Sweeping hall? Down 1? I can see it happening. But what kind of skateboarder would let hirself be seen in public with these things? It looks like something Paris Hilton would push Tinkerbell around on. (And the first person to reply “That’s hot!” is officially no longer my friend.)