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Female Hysterics Comedy Show

Lauren Langer ’16 invites you to see a comedy show by the Female Hysterics:

This Friday, October 16th at 9pm in 200 Church… several ladies will take to the stage and perform stand up and sketch comedy for THE VERY FIRST TIME. Support them. Love them. Give them your laughter.
The Female Hysterics is an all-inclusive comedy collective for female-idenitifying students, and this will be the first of our monthly performances!

Just trust me its gonna be good, okay? These fresh ladiez are funny as hell and we got some $h!t to say. So stop being flakey and come to our comedy show for some quality entertainment. *All genders are welcome at the show*

Date: Friday, October 16th
Time: 9:00 pm
Place: 200 Church Comedy Club
Facebook: Event page

LUNCHBOX PRESENTS: A Night of Sketch Comedy and Improv

Rachel Kaly ’17 was born to improvise. This event? Improvised. Her homework? Off the cuff. Your impending post-grad existential crisis? She invented that shit in a blaze of spontaneous creativity. With comedy, anything is possible. Tonight Rachel will be performing well-rehearsed scripted scenes:

Lunchbox will be opening with some sketchez for some dope NYC-based improvisors. these improvisors are the REAL DEAL, funny funny people from UCB & ur television screens.

check ’em out:
joe schiappa
molly lloyd
christopher roberti

ONE OF THEM WAS Rachel‘S HEALTH/CPR TEACHER IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! (if u can guess which one she will give u CPR)

When: Tonight (Saturday) @ 8pm
Where: Dick’s Lounge
How: just open your heart & see where it leads. where you end up may surprise you :)

WeSNL Actually Holds Auditions

do you like waffles

Straight from Charlie Martin ’16:

Hey one and all, Wesleyan’s oldest and only video sketch comedy group is holding auditions once again this week. We’re looking for actors, writers, and filmmakers with that comedic fire in their hearts. So if you’ve got the right kind of gumption then drop by and strut your stuff!

Auditions are Tuesday, Usdan Multipurpose Room, (7-9) and Saturday, Usdan 108, (1-3)

Check out our Facebook event, FB page & YouTube page to see what you’re getting yourself into.

Date: Tuesday, February 3rd & Saturday, February 7th
Time: 7PM – 9PM & 1PM – 3PM, respectively
Place: Usdan Multipurpose Room & Usdan 108, respectively
Cost: A smile

Audition for WeSNL!

From the hilarious Jessica Wolinsky ’17:

Want to have your first kiss? This isn’t the place for that.

Wesleyan’s OLDEST and ONLY video sketch comedy group, WeSNL, is looking for new actors, writers, filmmakers, editors, and lap dancers. No need to have experience in any/one of these categories—we would love for you to come out no matter what!!

NICS LOUNGE (Fishbowl-looking lounge next to the Nics).
WEDNESDAY, September 10th.
FRIDAY, September 12th.
5-7 PM.

Check out our vids here. SEE YOU SOON!

Date: Wednesday, September 10th and Friday, September 12th
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: Nics Lounge

LUNCHBOX auditions

10687533_10203859247509357_7690314623142743737_oRachel Kaly ’17 is hungry:

Wesleyan’s live sketch comedy group Lunchbox is holding auditions:
SATURDAY, SEPT 6th 11:00AM-1:00PM
SUNDAY, SEPT 7th 11:00AM-1:00PM

Absolutely no experience necessary, anyone and everyone is welcome to come on down and play around for a bit. No need to prepare anything, just come ready to read a scene or two with the gang. Bring a friend, bring a couple friends, let’s hang out buddy.

Show up at any time between 11 and 1 (you don’t have to come for the whole time ok), and we’ll try to have you in and out of there as quick as we can.

{Lunchbox is a group that writes and performs original comedy sketches}

Lunchbox Presents: Solomon’s Last Show


Well, this is a conflict of interest…

Many French schools still have Wednesdays off. Many are changing this. “How can I explain to my son that he can’t watch cartoons on Tuesday nights anymore,” asked one disgruntled French mother, presumably in French.

You might not have Wednesday off but it is the last day of school.

So come see some sketch comedy! It’s my last show in college!

  • DATE?: Tomorrow (May 7th; the date is wrong on the poster!)
  • TIME?: 6PM
  • PLACE?: Nics Lounge

Ladies Who Laugh: A Comedy Show


Live from Middletown, CT, it’s Anna Bisikalo ’17:

From the heavens above who brought you Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the most #blessed of mothers who birthed Mindy Kaling, Sarah Silverman,and Margaret Cho, and the genius that decided to give Chelsea Handler her own talk show comes THE event of the year…

~~A variety comedy show brought to you by the WoMeN of Wesleyan’s comedy groups!~~

Female-identified members of Lunchbox, Desperate Measures, WeSNL, Gag Reflex, Vocal Debauchery, Punchline!, and New Teen Force will titillate you with a mashup of sketches, long and short-form improv,stand-up, and more. We’re celebrating women in the comedy world, and we would love for you to join us!

Saturday, April 26th. 6:30 PM. 200 Church Lounge.

Come laugh with us.

Bring your diva cups.

Date: Saturday, April 26th
Time: 6:30 – 7:30
Place: 200 Church Lounge
Cost: Free if you laugh!

Lunchbox Lite™


A half-hour sketch comedy show to tickle your genitals (and other erogenous zones, we don’t discriminate).

  • WHEN?: Tomorrow @ 5pm
  • WHERE?: Nips Lounge
  • FACEBOOK?: Here.

Audition for The 24-Hour “Let’s ‘Beak’ Canary Cancer!” Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24


Russell Goldman ’17 writes:

“KGB Presents: The 24-Hour ‘Let’s Beak Canary Cancer!’ Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24” is a new theatrical project written and directed by the dream-cream of Solomon Billinkoff ’14 and Russell Goldman ’17.

The show centers around the final hour of a 24-hour public-access telethon to benefit canary cancer. The players in this program include the hosts, the network executives, the wisecracking janitor (with a secret!), and all of the varied disturbed, spectacular, and arousing performers that permeate this very-last-ditch effort.

Bring something funny to show us–a monologue, a joke, an interesting anecdote, whatever you want–but try to be physically active in your presentation. If you can sing, also bring a song. If you can dance, please tell us you can dance in a song. We will have sides for you to choose from at the audition, and we may ask you to do a cold read for a specific part against your will.

  • DATE?: Thursday, January 23rd, and Friday, January 24th
  • TIME?: 4:30-7:30pm
  • PLACE?: Jones Room

Lunchbox Presents: Live from Flavortown [homecoming sketch-comedy show]


Do you like humor? Do you love to laugh? Do you have a soft spot for Guy Fieri?

If you answered no to the last question, then you should definitely come on out to Lunchbox’s homecoming show!

This sketch-comedy presentation will be few-holds-barred, fully-throttled, and holier-than-thy-hole.

Prepare yourself for goofs, spoofs, and maximum discomfort. You will regret every minute of it.

  • DATE?: Tomorrow (November 2nd)
  • TIME?: 8pm
  • PLACE?: Nics Lounge