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Post-Orientation Comedy Combo Show (TONIGHT)

Combo Show Poster TemplateCome see every comedy group perform live tonight at 7:30pm in the Nics Lounge! All groups will also be announcing their auditions, which are imminent!

  • Desperate Measures: short-form improv
  • Gag Reflex: long-form improv
  • Lunchbox: sketch comedy
  • New Teen Force: long-form improv
  • Punchline: stand-up comedy
  • Vocal Debauchery: a-cappella + sketch comedy

WHERE?: Nics Lounge.

WHEN?: TONIGHT at 7:30pm.

SHOULD I BRING A FRIEND?: Bring all your friends.

Comedy Combo Show


Dear Ashton:

Make Teddy jealous! Come on out and see the Comedy Combo Show tonight at 8pm in the Nics Lounge, free of charge! It will be a rollicking good time, featuring several comedy groups from around campus:

  • Desperate Measures (short-form improv)
  • Gag Reflex (long-form improv)
  • Lunchbox (sketch comedy)
  • New Teen Force (long-form improv)
  • Punchline (stand-up)
  • Vocal Debauchery (a cappella + sketch comedy)

Date: Tonight, February 1
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free
Facebook: Link

First Lunchbox Show of the Year

This just in from Lunchbox peeps:

Lunchbox is Wesleyan’s only sketch comedy group! It’s like SNL circa 1991! We have three new frosh (GTFI frosh!) and a whole bunch of new material and we are so super duper pumped to perform! Bring your parents if they have an extreme tolerance for lude and offensive material. Bring them if they don’t and you want to hear them cringe.

Date: Saturday, October 20
Time: 9:30 PM (Don’t confuse us with other comedy shows, this shit’s the real deal)
Place: Nics Lounge Always n Forever <3
Why: Why not? Take a crazy chance.