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Wesleyingiversary: Samira Says ‘Sup

Wesleying is “A student life blog run by a bunch of people in their underwear who have nothing better to do.”


Samira liked her post about the concert on the WestCo skybridge. I wish there were more concerts on the WestCo skybridge.

This is part of our series of Wesleyingiversary interviews. You can find the rest here.

You know those alums that tell you cool stories about posts about videos of animals eating other animals outside of your Freshman dorm? Fuck, why did I start this post with a question.

Samira and I talked on Facebook Messenger for Wesleying’s 10 year anniversary. She wrote over 500 posts on the blog, including letting all of campus know that the one-and-only Tallahassee Pain would be performing at Wes for Senior Week 2k15. We talked about the state of media, changes in campus discourse, and jade plants in neon green pots.

Video: The Bea’les Make WestCo Skybridge a Thing Again

Here’s some shoddy video footage from The Bea’les‘ now annual (and sadly under-advertised) performance yesterday afternoon on the WestCo Skybridge, a venue that could always use more love. That’s John Ryan ’14 screaming the McCartney vocals on “Oh! Darling,” and if you squint pretty hard, you can sort of see Mickey Capper ’13 climbing over the fence thing. The image quality is terrible because I had to reduce it in order to be able to upload this video on Wesleyan Internet speed, but on the bright side the sound is pretty good.

The band broke away from its typical one-Beatles-album-in-its-entirety format to perform various highlights from The White Album, Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s, and Rubber Soul. Here’s “I’m So Tired”:

The Bea’les on WestCo Skybridge

It’s been a great couple of days in the WestCo courtyard. After an amazingly fun, happy Zonker Harris Day, the Bea’les (Matt Hurwit ’12Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14Sam Long ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, and Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12) played on the WestCo skybridge for an energetic crowd in the courtyard below. They played about an hour long set of Beatles classics and crowd favorites; lots of dancing ensued.

I’m really glad the skybridge is being utilized as a music space this year.  

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Let It Be: The Bea’les Take WestCo

OH MY GOODNESS!  The Bea’les will be performing Let It Be in its entirety in the Westco Courtyard this Sunday at 2:30 pm.

With Matt Hurwit ’12, Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14, Sam Long ’12, and Howe Pearson ’12. Featuring Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12 as Billy Preston.  Bring your prefrosh, dig for treasure!

Date: Sunday, April 15
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Place: WestCo Courtyard
Cost: free as folk

For past Bea’les performances, see Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s. (According to this old post, they played Abbey Road at WesFest 2008. Time, how it flies.)

Skabridge Actually Happened!

And it was AWESOME! Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones, a band with a past of disrupting the peace, performed a high energy hour-long ska set on the WestCo sky bridge last night, and didn’t get shut down until their last song. The nipple-chilling cold (and really pretty starry night) lent itself to a great crowd antsy to listen to some ska, and the skybridge was packed. The band performed ska versions of “Since U Been Gone” and “Viva la Vida,” along with some original jams. There was lots of high-altitude moshing and authentic ska dancing, making this show one of the liveliest of the year. SKAPICS:

Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones present: SKABRIDGE

Nate Repasz ’14 wants to warm you up. COME TO VERY IMPROMPTU SHOW with some Aaron Burr and the Hamiltones bros on the **Skybridge**:

With two CRUNK-AS-SHIT guerrilla ska shows in the Butterfield Colleges under their belts, ABATH has decided to break the Butts mold (eww) and bring the FIESTO TO WESTCO. What better place than the skybridge?  This show will be quick, dirty and, riotous. Don’t let the cold turn you away. There will be legions of sweaty, skanking rageaholics to keep you warm! This show also marks the LAST TIME vocalist Rob Roth (Raw Broth) will be FLEXING THE GOLDEN PIPES for his darling group. So get shway city, come to the ‘Co (on time, lest ye miss it!) and see him off in style! ABATH shows are ALWAYS too hot, so it’ll be nice and balmy up there if you’re ready to rock.

Date: Friday, Dec. 2
Time: Get there at 11ish!
Place: Skybridge between WestCo Two and Three, but here is a map: