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Unofficial Orientation Series: How To Make Friends

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Now that you’ve settled into your rooms, orientation is over and classes are about to begin, it’s almost time for the big leagues: what has been known for generations at Wesleyan as the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL… or to majority of America as Labor Day.

I’m here to share generations two full years of knowledge (or lack thereof ) with you as a guide to one of the most important aspects of your college career. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m completely all-knowing on the subject matter (psssssh, just ask my friends), but I think my new upperclassmen status does help a bit….(not).

This list not only applies to those who are new on campus, but seriously to anyone and everyone who is looking to make new friends. Though it might seem as if there is a point when everyone has found everyone on campus they want to be friends with, I can assure you this point doesn’t exist and by listening to my advice I think you’ll agree. Let us begin shall we, in no particular order…