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Whining in the Digital Age: An Ethnographic Case Study

Sometimes, it’s hard to really articulate to your friends just how impossible life is going to a school with one of the highest sticker tags in the country. In the spirit of #firstworldproblems, however, an intrepid Smith College student created Smithies’ Complaints to service this exact need at a peer institution with a similar problem.  The About section summarizes things pretty much perfectly:

Smith College is really excellent. But it is full of college students, and we love to complain. Comparatively, though, our complaints are probably not common ones.

I like to think of it as something like the ACB, but somewhat less conducive to trolling  (not to imply they don’t have an ACB of their own). This normalizes content into a less erratic,  but still generally enjoyable range of entries in easy-to-digest tumblr format.

Feast your New England small-college-going sensibilities on some choice examples: