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High Rise’s Smoking Hot Water Truck Shut Down by Fire Department

“Does this mean another freezing cold shower?” Probably, yes.

The truck outside of High Rise (which has been supplying hot water for all of Junior Village) began releasing thick smoke from its smokestack earlier today. In fact, I woke up to it. In fact, I’m probably the best reporter for this job as I live on the fourth floor of High Rise in the room closest to—and—above the smoking hot water truck. Since around 11 A.M., my room has been enveloped in its asphalt-suffocating cloud.

I actually felt mildly ill and lightheaded by about 2, so I sent an email to High/Lo Rise CA Em Trambert ’14, who speedily alerted Area Coordinator Brian Nangle and Head Resident Eric Stephen ’13.

The smoke billowed on through the afternoon until around 10:45 P.M., when I got home from Olin and discovered an impressive assembly of Middletown’s finest gathered and discussing. I’ve never been so happy to see flashing red and blue.

I talked to one firefighter, who told me that the furnace had overheated and there were concerns of fire safety, as well as the heavy smoking.