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Disability Rights: Open House Discussion for Current/Prospective Students and Parents


Hey! Snacks! And a discussion! From Sarah Kalish ’14:

Join members of Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights for a conversation about transitioning to college, resources on campus, and any questions you may have about disability/support services or student life at Wesleyan.

We also encourage current students from whatever background to join us to speak on their own experience at Wesleyan.

All are welcome! There will be snacks!

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Avenue, Rooms 110 and 112
Cost: Free!

Film Screening: Roadmap to Apartheid

Roadmap to Apartheid

Carina Kurban ’14 writes in about a film screening of an award-winning documentary happening TONIGHT:

Join WesSJP, Wesleyan Students for Justice in Palestine, for an incredible documentary: Roadmap to Apartheid. This is the first of three film screenings in the Palestinian Justice Film Series. There will be snacks!

More information from the website of the film: “In this award-winning documentary, the first-time directors take a detailed look at the apartheid analogy commonly used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Narrated by Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, Roadmap to Apartheid is as much a historical document of the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa, as it is a film about why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today, and why an increasing number of people around the world agree with them.”

Date: TODAY, April 10th
Time: 5 p.m.
Place: PAC 104

Sign Up to Bake for the Cookie Cup

Marisa Guerrero ’15 has a delicious proposition:

Do you love to bake? Think you can create the yummiest cookie ever? In need of a break from midterms? Well you’re in luck!

Next Thursday 3/7, Brighter Dawns is hosting its second annual COOKIE CUP! The Cookie Cup is an event where Wesleyan students can sample dozens of cookies made by a bunch of teams (including yours!) and vote on the most creative/most delicious/most aesthetically appealing, etc. Basically, it’s an excuse for us all to eat our weight in cookies.

Right now, we’re looking for teams – of however many people you want – to bake! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your baked goods. (Last year’s winner was the “Inception Cookie” – a cookie inside a cookie – and it was legendary). Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams!

To sign up a team or receive more information, email sbhalobasha@wes. Even if you are not interested in baking, join us at the Usdan Cafe at dinnertime on Thursday, 3/7 to participate in the eating part of the Cookie Cup! Proceeds benefit Brighter Dawns, an organization that works to improve health conditions in the slums of Bangladesh.

Date: Sign up now, compete on Thursday, 3/7
Time: Contest is from 6-9 pm
Place: Usdan Cafe

Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Studytime

Back by popular demand, it’s Lunchtime with Mark and Scott! Wesleyan’s most popular foodcore podcast has returned to the airwaves for a second season. Check out last season if you need to catch up. A special multi-part miniseries, follow our intrepid lunchers, Mark Popinchalk ’13 and Scott Greene ’13, as they journey through the snacking world at Wes. This week, studytime snacks! What are the best snacks for your Olin experience?  Will Mark ever find his way home? All this and more on this week’s Lunchtime!

Previous episodes here.

Lunchtime Season 2 Episode 1 by Lunchtime w/ M+S Season 2

Second Day Snacks @ ADP

From the excellent Charming Yu ’13:

Welcome back to campus! Reconnect with friends–or meet some new ones–talk about your summers and how the first two days of school have been. College work seem overwhelming? We have snacks, coloring books, connect-the-dots, and stories with Erhard!

Date: Tomorrow, September 3
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.)
Facebook: link

200 Church Clothing Swap

Remember that party you went to? The one where you saw that girl in that overwhelmingly sparkly dress-tube-thing? Or that boring riveting lecture on fruit flies where you saw that guy in the cool band t-shirt? As the weather gets warmer, it’s been really tough to go sit on the hill where everyone is dressed more ironically more interestingly than you. Fortunately, Reese Sy ’13  is a problem solver, and has given you the opportunity to steal everyone else’s clothes:

Need to spring clean? Don’t want to pack up all your old clothes? Tired of your old wardrobe? Want to mix it up? Come to the 200 Church Street Clothing Swap!

Date: Saturday, May 5th
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: Swap is a 1:1 ratio. Also, clothes must be cleaned (we want to wear you, not smell you)

What’s more, unclaimed clothes (aka sweater vests) will be donated to Middletown Goodwill.

Lego Night @ Well-Being House

Natalie Sacks ’14 wants to build with you:

Come join Well-Being House for our last party of the semester, this time with Legos! Embrace your inner child, take a break from studying, and come play with us. There will also be board games and snacks. Well-Being House is on the corner of Court and Pearl.

Date: Saturday, April 21
Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Well-Being House (250 Court)
Cost: Free

Sunday Board Games & Snacks @ ADP

Lindsey Grimes ’12 and the rest of the Alpha Delt hooligans offers up a safe, wholesome, family-friendly alternative to being productive this Sunday:

Didn’t get enough board games on Friday at Well Being House? Want to release tension by whomping people at Monopoly? Avoid your homework this Sunday afternoon and come play board games in ADP’s living room! Noms provided.

Date: Sunday, Sept. 11
Time: 1 – 3:00 PM
Place: Alpha Delt Living Room


Like what you see above? Want to size up members of the New England Small College Athletic Conference? Enjoy deconstructing the creative lineage of Post-Linus critical theory? Want to expose Michael Roth’s nipples and liven up your sex life? Dying to trip with Tryptophantasm? Just thirsty for breast milk? Still trying to find out where the Destiny’s Child concert is?

Join the Wesleyan Ampersand, the humor component of the Wesleyan Argus. Find us tomorrow, September 8, at 4:30 outside Allbritton (or on the fourth floor if the weather blows). Snacks will be provided, both sweet and savoury.

Second Day Snacks at ADP

You [will at the time of this event hopefully] have survived two days of classes! Come eat some smart-people food and fancy cookies and chill on the porch. (V8 juice and Milanos will be provided.)

  • Date: Tomorrow, September 6
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Place: Alpha Delt’s porch
  • Cost: Surviving two days of classes.