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Write-in: Gimme Your Winter Break Stories


Ayo Wesleyan. I’m just gonna leave this here…

Tell me a story from your Winter Break.

Here’s the link.

Feel free to leave winter-break-themed links/procrastination devices in the comments.

In these break times, I know some of us tend to feel lonely or lost or down. or maybe not! either way, sneeze is always lounging around near a computer. #dontpanicitsonlyamonth

Podcasts, Pug, and Pennsylvania: A Weskid’s Journey to Detroit

i gave into his charms. unsafe driving.

 It’s that time again. The snowiceclusterfuckworstwhatareyounewengland has been shoveled. All (most of) my friends have left Middletown. This cute little pug is excited for adventure. I’m busting out the Red Bull and NPR’s entire library of podcasts and heading to Detroit. Best part? I’m liveblogging the entire thing.