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WeSNL Wants You to Join the Cast


Live from Middletown, CT, it’s a message from WeSNL:

Calling all actors, writers, and videomakers!

WeSNL is a brand new video sketch comedy group seeking to bring Wesleyan’s wit and humor to the interwebs! We produce weekly sketches, both on Wesleyan related issues and about funny things at large, and will also have a monthly “Weekend Update” section where we recap the past month’s most ridiculous news stories.

McCain On SNL

Senator McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live last night alongside Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

In the opening skit, McCain attempted to raise funds by hosting a QVC show featuring McCain themed purchases to counter Obama’s 1/2 hour ad. A real life Cindy McCain served as the Senator’s jewelry model. The Ayers’ freshner and McCain’s extensive set of pork knives seem particularly appealing! Palin even stepped aside to hock her Palin 2012 t-shirts. Stock up now!

McCain also appeared on Weekend Update.

The Real Sarah Palin on SNL

Sarah Palin is a ridiculous VP candidate, but a great sport. Watch her guest appearances on SNL this weekend, as she views Tina Fey’s version of herself in a very meta sketch with some celebrity friends:

…and again as she gets down to Amy Poehler’s “Alaska Rap” on the Weekend Update.

Both are hilarious, watch them, but it’s almost poignant to watch her participate in her own skewering like this.

Does she just enjoy the publicity at this point? Is she still expecting to have the last laugh? Is there any remorse about being such an object of ridicule? I want to play the smallest violin for Sarah Palin, but it is two weeks too soon!!!

Tina Fey Is Better At Sarah Palin Than Palin Is

Tina Fey has done it again. The former Saturday Night Live writer and performer had twice returned to the show to play the role of Governor Palin:

And now, following the vice presidential debates, Tina Fey has come back to reprise her role yet again. SNL’s Sarah Palin, along with Joe Biden, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, poke fun at some memorable moments from Thursday’s debate in another piece of political humor gold.

Video is over 10 minutes long. Give yourself some time to spare if you’re gonna watch the whole thing.

Liberal Media Bias? Yes.
Funny? Double Yes.