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Quick, Before It Melts: Snow Day To-Do List


As we all celebrate today’s snow day resulting in no class and more time for homework a three day weekend, we must ask ourselves: What will we do during day four of winter madness? Although the idea of leaving the warmth of inside seems unlikely for some, I know many of us on campus use this as an excuse to partaay. For those of you who actually did work this weekend are ready to take full advantage of SnowMonday, here are some ideas of what you can do.

Because Nemo found us! My hopes are that Disney-named storms continue to be a thing so that one day I can title a post “Pooh continues to dump over Wesleyan’s campus.”

Cause why not?

As long as you’re ready with what may follow, I can’t see a problem with this, especially if it leads to #10.

Classes Won’t Meet This Afternoon, Either

Rejoice! You called it, lesanjuan. Bill Holder has the full announcement:

Wesleyan is closed Monday, and classes will not be held this afternoon. Parking on campus remains limited, and a number of buildings are not yet accessible. Only essential personnel should report to work today. We are hopeful that classes will be held tomorrow, but that depends on how much snow removal gets done today. Our crews are working tirelessly, and we are very grateful for their dedication and good work. We will provide an update this evening around 6 pm.

Heavy equipment is in use, so students should continue to exercise considerable caution outdoors. Call Public Safety for help with storm-related matters, (860) 685-2345. For emergencies, call (860) 685-3333.

According to President Roths latest blog post, “I am hopeful that enough classroom buildings will be fully accessible so that we can get underway tomorrow (Tuesday). We will make another announcement at around 6 pm this evening.” Mayor Drew’s plan is to have the roads be passable by midnight just keep on plowing until he can’t plow anymore, so stay tuned.

As an aside, this Snow Day is an excellent opportunity to set to work on your Michael Roth Snow Sculpture Contest submission.

No Class, No Power, No Heat, No Internet, No Problem

Governor Malloy: “It’s a pretty difficult situation in Connecticut right now; we have more power outages than at any time in our history.”

Title says it all. Campus remains dark, powerless, and unheated, but at least we’re getting  a snow day out of it. No one quite knows when power will be restored—it may be as late as Wednesday or Thursday, but we’re hoping for the best. Governor Malloy declared a state of emergency, says over 800,000 homes are without power, many of them in Middlesex County. (“This is the largest number of power outages that we have ever experienced,” added the governor.) At this point, maybe 20-50% of upperclassmen (myself included) have managed to leave campus. Those somehow still reading this at Wes: stay warm. Keep on keeping on. Happy Halloween.

To the concerned parents reading this: your child is most likely fine, albeit tucked under a hefty pile of blankets (perhaps even in SciLi). Be warned that he or she probably has no easy way of getting in touch with you, considering there’s still no way to charge phones or computers on campus, and internet access is spotty or barely existent at best. No news isn’t necessarily bad news. As one student reported in Wesleying comments earlier today,

Snowplow & Safety Advisory

To All Students,

The National Weather Service is forecasting a major plow sesh for tomorrow, Wednesday, February 2, creating potentially hazardous conditions for stoned igloo-dwellers.

Under plow sesh conditions, plows can go apeshit on trees and power lines. Tree limbs bulldozed with plows may break and fall. Power lines may sag and break. Walking surfaces will become killzones in spite of plow-warding materials being applied. Do not walk in the streets or smoke weed in the igloos.

Well, what else do you expect us to do with a pile of snow?

From Stacey Phelps of ResLife:

Dangers of Igloos and Snowpiles

Last night, some students were in an igloo that had been dug out of one of the piles of snow which a plow was about to push back. Had the operator not seen them, they could have been seriously injured. There also is the added danger that such structures may collapse while students are inside them. Although we completely understand the appeal, please do not create or hang out in such structures.

In addition, please keep in mind the decreased visibility created by the large snow piles on some of the streets, whether you are walking or driving, and exercise extreme caution.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!

Residential Life


Snowpocalypse Now: The Sequel

Haha, this is what the view from my back door is. I cannot physically open the door.

I would like to note that the two car-shaped lumps at the bottom of the stairs were once, in fact, cars. Both came to Wesleyan from Atlanta, GA and the poor little guys probably don’t know what him them. We’ll get you out in April… just hang in there, buddies!

So what’s it like out there? Give us reports from the outside. And go make a snowman! Or snowoman or gender-fabulous person perhaps!

Snow Day

Apparently, people around here can’t take winter. To paraphrase Harry S Truman, if you can’t stand the snow, get the hell out of New England. Here’s the email from Mike Whaley:

Due to the heavy snowfall overnight, Wesleyan University will be closed today, Thursday, January 27th.  Classes scheduled to meet today are canceled.  Essential personnel should report to campus as scheduled.  The Usdan Center and Dining Services will open, as scheduled, later this morning.

Dean Mike Whaley
Vice President for Student Affairs