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Wiebe ’14 Confirms Balls of Steel, Raises Dialogue Through Performative Sculpture

For those of you who think that walking to Usdan without a parka and boots is ‘braving’ the [pseudo] snowstorm, try spending your next couple days and nights in the wooden structure pictured above. Well, you don’t have to, because Will Wiebe 14′ has already taken on the task. If you happen to walk by Russell House in the next couple days, you might notice a conspicuous, wooden tent on the front lawn, and you might see Will Wiebe all cozied up inside. Wiebe built the tent for his sculpture class, but the project was not complete until yesterday afternoon when he moved in for the remainder of the week and the weekend.

This performative sculpture raises dialogue surrounding the ideas of land ownership, privilege, independence, and property ownership. The independence exercised in the execution of this piece—the fact that Wiebe built the tent himself and set it down without consulting the university—raises interesting questions about our relationship with physical space.

Ben Doernberg ’13, like a true WesKid, emphatically identified a controversial aspect of this project: how it violates the code of non-academic conduct, which states that “Symbolic structures (e.g., displays, statues, booths, banners, shanties, tents) must be approved by the dean of students according to standard procedures.” This controversy brings one to ask, are we no longer allowed to inhabit homes that we have built with our own hands? Can we not choose where we live? Do modern societal notions contradict basic notions of freedom and independence?

Snowvember Comes to Campus

At 11:05, I was casually strolling in late to my 11 am class, annoyed with the cold and unimpressed by the sparse flakes lazily dropping on our awkwardly placed bleachers and city-owned-but-Wesleyan-maintained sidewalks. I spent the next hour looking out the window, watching shit go down (literally!) and learning less abstract algebra than I was hoping to, which is pretty much the story of my semester, but anyway, yeah, snow!

If you like the snow, take it as sign of holy solidarity in the light of last night’s election victories with you. If you don’t, now you have an external excuse to stay in your room today without betraying your political ideologies. If you’re a freshman who’s seeing this for the first time, congratulations! Skip class and listen to this album in your room all afternoon. (That’s how I spent my first Wesleyan winter. Or at least, how I prefer to remember spending it.)

Click through for a bunch of my friend’s facebook statuses, if you’re into that kinda thing. (You are.) Pictures’ll be added as the day goes on. In the meantime, the Wesleyan facebook page is in top form and already has an album of snow shots from around campus. Look at it, giggle when you see your friends, etc. etc.