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Snowperson Competition

BJ Lillis ’12 wants you and your gender neutral snow sculpting skills:

Come out to Andrus Field this Saturday for a snowman/woman/creature making competition!  Imagine, like Calvin and Hobbes come to life, an army of deranged snowpeople descending on campus.  Winner gets bragging rights.

Brought to you by Well-Being House, Out House, Open House, Japanese Hall, and 200 Church.

Date:   Feb. 5
Time:   1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Place:  Andrus Field

Snowpocalypse Now: The Sequel

Haha, this is what the view from my back door is. I cannot physically open the door.

I would like to note that the two car-shaped lumps at the bottom of the stairs were once, in fact, cars. Both came to Wesleyan from Atlanta, GA and the poor little guys probably don’t know what him them. We’ll get you out in April… just hang in there, buddies!

So what’s it like out there? Give us reports from the outside. And go make a snowman! Or snowoman or gender-fabulous person perhaps!