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S0BER, DRUNK, H1GH: Liveblogging the Vice Presidential Debate

The hootenanny of all hootenannies:


Get ready. Drum rolly roll. We are getting ready to kick off our coverage of the 2016 election. Tonight, at 9PM, the most underexposed vice presidential candidates in history will face off on the debate stage in Farmville, Virginia.

We are sober-drunk-high liveblogging the Vice Presidential debate (throwback to the last time this happened). We’re not sure what to expect. We’re not even sure that Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are REAL. But alas, giantepgoynte will be blogging blazed, gettincrunkman will be drunk, and p-safe will be sober.

Here we go:

DRUNK, S0BER, H1GH: How to Destroy Higher Education Liveblog


Hello. President Michael Roth is about to give a talk in the Chapel. Which I checked this morning for Wifi. Update: It has Wifi. Thank god. And we’re giving our loyal readers a treat: Wesleying is drunk-sober-high live blogging Roth’s talk. p-safe will be sober. gettincrunkman will be drunk. giantepgoynte will be high. Hilarity shall ensue. Bye.

DRUNK, S0BER, H1GH: Vice Presidential Debate Liveblog

Hello. The vice presidential debates are about to start (@9). Like last week’s presidential showdown, we’re liveblogging the action. This time there’s a twist. Inspired by NYU Local’s Drunk Sober High feature, the debate will be covered by three anonymous Wesleyingers in varying states of consciousness. p-safe will be sober(ish?). gettincrunkman will be drunk. giantepgoynte will be high. Yes, really. This will be fun! Politics! Internet! Liveblog updates past the jump: