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Spring Fling ’13: The Rumors Are True, Ya Bish

“Concerts on Foss: now more than ever!”


Spring Fling is happening! The rumors are true: Paul Wall is officially booked and coming to Central Connecticut! Kevin Federline dropped out (as a freshman) and sent Kevin Curtin ‘13, YouTube drummer extraordinaire, in his place! House Party and dead prez are playing a collaborative set! Dean Brown and The Clover Street Band are covering Jefferson Airplane again!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, no. We’ll cut the crap and just give you the lineup, courtesy of Spring Fling Committee:


This year’s lineup still follows the loosely defined Spring Fling template of “rap act, indie-ish buzz band, raucous opening act” of the past few years, allowing us to reuse this sentence again and again, ya bishhh. Just kidding; Ryan Hemsworth seems to fit none of those categories, while Anamanaguchi probably takes buzz band and raucous opener simultaneously. “Electronic and electronically-backed music setting the stage for music press-electrifying rappers” is probably a better generalization this time around.

The lineup looks stacked this year! I’m excited to see the universal acclaim in the comments; a complete absence of complaints about the lineup has always been one of Spring Fling’s reliable standbys, year after year. (Ha ha ha.) Think your project’s missing? Put it in the submission form. Some quick overviews and music from the artists are after the jump.

Apply for the Spring Fling Committee

If you remember last spring’s Matisyahu/Chiddy Bang campus-wide shitstorm, you’ll also remember the ensuring counter-debate regarding democratization of the Social Committee process. The gist of the argument was simple: why bemoan the Matisyahu concert for massive use of funds and lack of transparency when one student committee maintains exclusive control over Spring Fling booking? What’s the deal with that? Who gets to be on the Social Spring Fling Committee anyway?

The reply: anyone, pretty much. Social Spring Fling Committee remains a committee like any other,  which happens to exert massive control over one of the biggest campus events of the year and funding thereof. Its application process is open to the student body, its selection process based on experience and merit.

Click past the jump for application details. Those unhappy with the Spring Fling booking process would do well to take note: here’s the opportunity to get involved.


Or, “Make some noise, Connecticut! I gotta catch a muhfuckin’ flight!”


The weather surprised us all, Walkmen and Ghost/Rae delivered the respective goods, and Wavves sort of maybe behaved himself (kinda). Belated congrats to Social Committee and all else involved in making this day not suck: u guys r da best, and this lineup fell into place quite smoothly.

Scroll for photos galore, and maybe even a video (quality may vary)!

First up, Wesleyan’s own Flora & Fauna entertained early-bird Foss Chillers starting at 1:00, nailing a half-hour set of the sort of tightly rehearsed, guitar-heavy garage-pop that won them this gig, including recent single releases “Want U 2 No” and “Continental Parties.” (For the uninitiated, Flora & Fauna  are Matt Bernstein ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, Gabe Gordon ’11, Adam Gunther ’11, and Casey Baird. They’ve been around for a few years. They’re good! If you missed their set, it’s not too late to absolve your sins on the interwebz.)

Spring Fling ’11: It’s Officially Official

Thanks for being so patient, guys. Or not.

Whatup, rumor mongrels? Spring Fling is barely a month away (May 5, if you’re keeping score), and you guys are impatient as sin, nahmean?

Seriously, though, you’ve waited long enough, we have the scoop, here’s what’s up: Social Committee has finally—finally—confirmed the acts for Spring Fling ’11, and it’s pretty damn fly. And no, it’s not Kesha—that would mess with the Committee’s astute alliterative action. In the order they’ll be performing (click on, hurry hurry hurry!)

Open Memo to Social Committee:

Can we please get Odd Future for Spring Fling? It would be almost as cool as that time Insane Clown Posse didn’t play here.

It’s a rough day outside, Wesleyan. Bundle up. Careful on the ice.

Spring Fling Social Committee applications

Apply to Social Committee and help plan Spring Fling 2010:

Spring Fling is an all-campus outdoor concert that happens every May. In the past, artists like GZA, The Hold Steady, and TV on the Radio have come to rock out Wesleyan’s student body.

If you would like to be a member of the Social Committee, the group that plans Spring Fling, in the 2009-2010 school year, please answer the following questions and send them to mgardner@wes by Friday, September 18. We will review all applications and contact applicants for interviews. The committee meets once a week according to member availability.

SPRING FLING – Keep the Hill clean!

Foss Hill Image Temporarily Removed

Spring Fling Whoo! Classes no mo. Here is a reminder that we are grownups, so please be responsible and pick up any shit you drop on the Hill:

An open letter to the Wesleyan community:

As you all know, tomorrow is Spring Fling, and we would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that having this event is an immense privilege to the student body. Due to the economic crisis, the university is not hiring, no one on the faculty will be receiving any sort of raise this year, and people across this entire country are living in fear regarding the security of their jobs. In light of all of this, the administration has decided that it is still appropriate to provide us with $50,000 for a 5-hour event.

We know it is easy to forget about all this while sitting on the hill at camp Wes, but we ask that you keep a couple things in mind tomorrow:

1. This is an immensely difficult show to put together. Please be respectful of everyone present who is helping to ensure it runs smoothly, including the MPD.

2. Please clean up your trash. Social Committee hits the hill each year at 6AM to set up for Spring Fling, and one of the first things we do is distribute somewhere around 100 different vessels for trash and recyclables around the hill for your convenience. Due to budgetary constraints, this year we will be hiring NO ADDITIONAL STAFF to help with the hours of cleanup that our group is also tasked with after the show each year, when the hill is completely trashed. The trashcans are easy to find, and we are all extremely tired at the end of the show. This is the most important thing. PLEASE HELP US!

Remember, don’t take Spring Fling for granted, and don’t take the University Events staff for granted. The administration has been incredibly kind to us, so we ask that you please repay the favor by not turning Foss Hill into a landfill tomorrow.

The Wesleyan University Social Committee




santigoldIt’s official – Social Committee pulled through and got Santigold, aka Santi White ’97, at the last minute.*

Santi blew up in the past year with the release of her genre-bending (formerly**) eponymous album Santogold, and has since toured with Bjork, M.I.A., and Coldplay, and collaborated with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, and David Byrne.

Her success as Santigold isn’t really part of the recent Wesleyan/Brooklyn alumni musical clusterfuck we’ve come to know and love – she basically hasn’t been back here since she graduated. But it looks like you can forget whatever reservations we thought she had about Wesleyan – she’s making quite a return to her alma mater as a Spring Fling headliner.

clipse1Rap duo/brothers Clipse have been making hits since 2001 – I remember because “When the Last Time” and “Grindin’” were big deals at my junior high “prom”.

But don’t let that dissuade you – their rhymes are fresh and fueled by The Neptunes’ beats, and they’re about to drop a new album, Till the Casket Drops, late this summer, which will probably have at least a few inescapable summer party jams we’ll get to hear live before they’re all over the radio by September.

11620-the-supreme-genius-of-king-khan-and-the-shrinesKing Khan has been called the “Maharaja of Soul”, not only because he plays a musical genre discongruous to his heritage as a brown person, but because he fucking rocks. Formerly of the Montreal-based garage-rock outfit “The Spaceshits” and an on-and-off collaborator in the doo-wop/punk duo “The King Khan & BBQ Show“,  Khan went to Berlin and started up “The Supreme Genius of King Khan and His Sensational Shrines” a few years back.

They somewhat insufficiently describe themselves as a “psychedelic-soul-big-band” – by all accounts, these guys need to be experienced, not just heard. Everyone I know who’s seen them has been ecstatic about their live shows, even before they knew the Shrines were coming to Spring Fling and figured they’d have to feign enthusiasm.

So, soul/punk/madness from King Khan, Clipse’s dope rhymes, and Santigold’s triumphant return to Wes – overall an excellent lineup. GJ Social Committee!

Santigold at Central Park SummerStage last year:

Clipse at the Knitting Factory:

And King Khan & the Shrines live in Phoenix last year:

Check out the Spring Fling players on Myspace:

*This information is directly from the Social Committee, it is true.

**FYI: Santigold, formerly known as Santogold. She changed from the “o” to an “i” in February this year because a jeweler/entrepreneur already named Santo Gold threatened to sue her for being more famous than him. True story, change it on your iTunes.

Argus and Wesleying are were “Full of Shit”

Yesterday, the Social Committee thought we were full of shit – presumably for our earlier speculation about Spring Fling:

Screenshot - WSA Site - Social Committee
Screenshot - "Check back here for updates about Spring Fling 2009, because the Argus and Wesleying are full of shit"

Today the website was changed to “the Argus and Wesleying are conjecture at best.”

The Social Committee has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.
With Spring Fling in 2 weeks, we can expect an update soon. Anonymous sources say that Clipse is not headlining and that the WSA will surprise us. We preemptively applaud them for their great work (at best).

Hopefully we got it right this time and we can look forward to an awesome Spring Fling.