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On-Campus Social Media Internship

Can’t keep your mouse-clicking fingers off of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr this weekend? Time to put those urges to good monetary use, courtesy of soon-to-be-graduating social media intern Lizzie Manning ’13:

Job Title: Social Media Intern
Employer: University Relations, Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement & Events
Address: Horgan House, 77 Pearl Street
Job Description:

The Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement & Events is seeking a Social Media Intern to communicate with alumni on numerous online platforms daily and to engage alumni with each other and with Wesleyan at every opportunity. The Intern will be responsible for posting all alumni news and events to the Wesconnect Facebook, @wesconnected Twitter, and Wesleyan Alumni Association LinkedIn Group; interacting with constituents who make content via these sites; searching the internet for useful content related to Wesleyan alumni; live-posting from important alumni events; and periodically launching special social media projects or initiatives (Storify streams, photo collections, Twitter groups, etc.). He/she will be the “voice” of the University for many alumni who get their Wesleyan content from social media as opposed to more traditional communication methods, and he/she will advise staff on the best ways to connect with alumni online. 

Ampersand Seeks Social Media Intern

Fluent in French, Spanish, and North American Friendster? Have more friends than Tom on MySpace? The Ampersand is seeking one ambitious social media intern to help manage its online accounts, including its website. More from Piers “Piers” Gelly ’13:

Do you know your way around social media? Are you of the humorous persuasion?

The Ampersand is currently looking for an enterprising individual who will take the reins of the hotheaded stallion that is our online presence. This is a position that will allow you to rapidly climb the editorial ranks of the Ampersand: past social media interns of the Ampersand include both campus personality Daniel Nass ’13 and Piers Gelly ’13, editor emeritus, gentleman, and scholar.

This internship is currently unpaid, but you will become a member of the Ampersand family, a privilege that no amount of any valid currency can buy.

Homecoming Weekend, #wesleyan, #tweeting, #hashtags, #numbersymbol

Homecoming Weekend is off to a rollicking start, with parental units infesting the halls of PAC and “Oozdan” alike, slyly invading “the normal rhythms of our educational mission” with pride, joy, and extra socks from home. The official Homecoming Weekend university page is available here, with a registration page and schedule of events and exhibitions. (Coming up tonight: Randy Newman P ’14‘s benefit concert for the Green Street Arts Center. Sources confirm that Mr. Newman is already enjoying his preshow ritual snack of Caspian Sea Ossetra caviar and a glass of Château Latour Pauillac 1990 in the basement-level meditation room.) (Not really.)

Lizzie Manning ’13, the university’s homecoming “Social Media Intern,” writes in about a “Twitter site” on which she will be “tweeting” Homecoming/Family Weekend events all weekend long. Already, the twittersphere is atwitter (sorry) with the #wesleyan hashtagamajig: