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Double Documentary Wednesday: Inside Job

Want to watch a documentary this Wednesday? Wesleying’s got your back! Want to watch two documentaries at overlapping times this Wednesday? The Community Banking Working Group‘s got half your back:

As part of the ongoing campaign on campus for responsible, community banking, there will be a screening of the documentary film “Inside Job” on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Usdan 110. We all know that the catastrophic (and ongoing) financial meltdown of 2008 left us fucked, but do we understand exactly how? This film lays it out, in easy, accessible terms, and explains how the big banks were deliberately complicit in bringing about this society-shattering crisis.
This is part of an effort for students on campus to MOVE OUR MONEY from the malicious and thieving institutions that sealed the fate of the American masses with their irresponsible practices (Bank of America, et al.) to member-controlled, not for profit, local credit unions. Credit unions will be on campus ready to help students transfer their accounts starting April 26.
Keep your eyes out for further developments in this exciting campaign to take responsibility for the way this campus stores and invests its money!

Date & Time: This Wednesd’y, 6:30 eveningwise
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: At last count, $16 trillion
Firstbuck: Here it am

Apply to be on the Committee for Investor Responsibility!

Are you interested in corporate social, environmental, or governance issues? We could use your voice on the Committee for Investor Responsibility (CIR).

This student, faculty, staff, and alumni committee has the power to engage in shareholder advocacy on behalf of the University. This includes activities such as proxy voting, advising the University on community investment, and filing shareholder resolutions.

The CIR’s charter, which outlines the committee’s mission and purview, is available at: http://cir.wsa.wesleyan.edu/page-2/

To apply, submit one-two paragraphs, explaining why you’d like to be on the committee and what relevant skills you have, to cguilmette(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by Tuesday 11/22 at 5 PM. Soon after we receive your application, you will be notified of when interviews for the seat will occur.

Do You Support BIG Coal?

Noah K-M ’13 hopefully doesn’t care that I abbreviated his last name for stylistic reasons:

Do You Support BIG Coal?

Should Wesleyan’s endowment?

Come to an informational meeting this thursday for Wesleyan’s chapter of the Socially Responsible Endowment Coalition to learn how you can help direct our investments toward sustainable, peaceful, and (just for fun) profitable funds. Whether you are down with singing about investment transparency in Usdan, talking with administrators, or crunching numbers, your talents, enthusiasm and creativity will be put to use. our actions as a group have the potential to support sustainable practices WORLDWIDE!!!

Date: Feb. 17
Time: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Place: University Organizing Center (next to P-safe building on High Street)
Cost: The faster we handle BIG coal, the sooner we can pick off pesky small coal.

Responsible Investment at Wesleyan

Do you know what companies Wesleyan is invested in?

Do you know what values these companies promote?

Do you know how you can influence these companies’ social, environmental, and governance policies?

The Committee for Investor Responsibility is hosting a town hall forum this Wednesday April 7th from 7-8 pm in PAC004. There will be pizza and a discussion about the role that students and other members of the University community play in Wesleyan’s endowment.

Similar committees at peer institutions have successfully engaged in campaigns to induce companies to include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies and have added socially responsible funds to their endowments.

The Committee for Investor Responsibility wants to know what issues are important to Wes’ student body; with student feedback, Wes can work toward meaningful change in the companies in which we are invested.

Date: Wednesday, April 7th
Time: 7-8 pm
Location: PAC004
What: A conversation on responsible investment at Wesleyan and FREE pizza

No Divestment

Word is that the Board of Trustees voted not to divest from weapons contractors (for which SEWI has been advocating).

They are, however, setting up some kind of socially responsible investing committee.
Anyone with more information about the decision is encouraged to spill.