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ALMA! @ Earth House


Alma Sanchez-Eppler ’14 writes:

Would you like some more chill acoustic music in your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then boy, is this the show for you.

Joining me will be my lovely friends:
Alex Rodriguez ’14,
Mariana Quinn-Makwaia’14,
Solomon Billinkoff ’14,
Laura Cohen ’14,
Lindsay Schapiro ’14,
and Nate Dolton-Thornton ’15.

Date: Tomorrow (Friday), April 19th
Time: 8 pm
Place: Earth House (159 High Street)
Cost: Free

“Words Versus Actions”: Billinkoff ’14 Films Documentary about Public Safety Controversies

As a final project for his Digital Filmmaking class, slam poet regular and Wesleying contributor Solomon Billinkoff ’14 has made a brief documentary about Public Safety. The twelve-minute short focuses on a series of events in the fall of 2012 (many of which led to the recent decision not to include racial descriptors in safety alerts). As Billinkoff explains in his voice-over:

I never had a plan for this movie. All I knew was that I wanted to make a documentary about Public Safety. After having gotten approval from the organization, my first instinct was to humanize P-Safe, as it is an institution that is generally maligned by the student body. A wave of on-campus assaults had just occurred within a single week, and I was interested to discover what P-Safe was doing to handle the situation and protect students. But the alerts P-Safe had sent out described the suspects as “African-American” and “male,” and unbeknownst to me at the time, these email alerts were met with a slew of racial hatred on Wesleyan’s Anonymous Confession Board. It was then revealed that a P-Safe officer had allegedly assaulted a black Wesleyan student. A week later, a forum on student diversity and equality was held in Wesleyan’s Beckham Hall.

These conflicts and contradictions form the basis of Billinkoff’s film, which largely speaks for itself. It’s only twelve minutes, so watch it after the jump.



Hope you’re not sick of us and our sketch comedy yet! Because we’re serving up our biggest and best show of the year TOMORROW NIGHT.

Lunchbox is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14Caroline Fox ’12Jack Hoskins ’12Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Jilly Moreno ’12Daniel Obzejta ’12, and Adam Rotstein ’13 (who is in Paris but that’s ok).

Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 8 pm
Place: Nics Lounge

Plz Sell Books To Me–I’m Working For Belltower!

Wanna get some textbooks off your hands? This next week I’ll be working for Belltower Books. Belltower is a textbook buyback program which buys every book, in any condition whatsoever. What’s more is that you don’t even have to go to a specific place at a specific time; as a representative of this organization, I can meet with you anywhere and anytime at your convenience in order to assess the price of your book and possibly buy it from you.

A meeting is not binding. When you meet with me, I will scan your book and assess the price, at which point you can determine whether or not you want to sell it. But remember: we buy every book.

You can Facebook me (Solomon Billinkoff) or email me at sbillinkoff(at)wesleyan(dot)edu in order to set up a meeting. You can also go to the website here as an alternative and set up a meeting with any of the three other On-Campus Buyers. I have very little going on this week, so I can meet anytime and anyplace starting tomorrow afternoon and going until Friday evening.

Other On-Campus Buyers:

  • Peter Belmonte ’12: pbelmonte(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
  • Rory O’Neill ’13: roneill(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
  • Sara Schineller ’12: sschineller(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

VD Presents: The Halloweekend Show

From The Vocal Debauchery Family:

This Halloweekend, we know what’s up.

Girls. Everywhere. In slutty costumes. So much makeup that you don’t know who you’re making out with. You just know that her makeup doesn’t taste that great but neither did the margaritas your roommate tried to make and…

It’s intense. We get it. Take a breather, come see some a cappella and sketch comedy, meet our newbies, laugh, cry, give your livers a rest. For God’s sake, people.

Vocal Debauchery.

  • DATE: Tomorrow (10.29)
  • TIME: 1700 hrs / 5 pm
  • PLACE: Nics Lounge
VD is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Glenn Cantave ’15, Michael Deck ’14Kenny Feder ’12Leada Fuller ’14Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Gabe Gordon ’15Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Ben Tweed ’13, and Lisle W ’14.

VD Auditions!

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Dear Friends, Fans, and Freshmen:

We’re looking to get even more debaucherous, which we can only do with your help! If you can sing, and if you’re funny, hey, let’s be friends! Stop by the Music Studios basement between 7 and 9 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday (we’ll be the room full of people). All you need is a song to sing and a joke or funny story to tell (or another way to make us laugh that involves neither tickling nor nitrous oxide).

Vocal Debauchery.

P.S. If, for any reason, you are unable to make the audition times, please email kfeder(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and we’ll try to make things work.

VD is:
Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Michael Deck ’14, Kenny Feder ’12, Leada Fuller ’14Chelsea Goldsmith ’13, Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Jocelyn Spencer ’13Ben Tweed ’13Lisle W ’14

For the Facebook event page, click here.

  • WHEN?: TONIGHT (Tues., 9/6) and TOMORROW (Wed., 9/7) at 7-9 pm
  • WHERE?: The basement of the music studios.
  • DO I NEED MONEY?: Generally speaking, yes, you should have money on you at all times, but unless you want to bribe your way into the group, it’s not necessary. One should note, however, that the Music Studios basement has been prone to a high incidence of violently playful muggings committed by well-dressed people singing “Spiderwebs,” so one should regardless proceed with the utmost caution.