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Bulletin: Nigel Hall Supporting Soulive

Breaking news! Nigel Hall just got added to the bill for Friday’s show! Come prepared to have your face melted off by sick keys playing and a voice that would make James Brown shout. You’ll then have a few precious minutes to try to get yourself back together before Soulive takes the stage to blow whatever may be left of your mind. Student band Mad Wow is going to kick the whole party off with the sweetest funk you’ve ever heard. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair how talented our classmates are. Because of the last minute addition, doors are being pushed up to 9PM, so come early and come often. Take that as you will.

Oh yeah, there are a few tickets left, so show up at Usdan at noon tomorrow to see if you can snag one. Explicit show details below:

Date: Friday, April 2nd

Time: 9PM

Place: Beckham Hall

Cost: $8

Soulive Tix Round 2 (ding ding)

After ticket sales were cut short last week, the rest of the Soulive tickets are available starting tomorrow (Monday, so today?) at noon in Usdan. The show itself is THIS FRIDAY, April 2nd, in Beckham at 10pm.

Tickets are $8 in cash, no student accounts, sorry! Oh, and since this has come up a bunch: yes, you can bring non-Wes people. Each Wesleyan student can bring in up to 3 guests. You just have to bind your student ID to their photo IDs and leave all that plastic at the door.

So again. Tickets. $8. Usdan. Lunch times til they’re gone, so get them while the getting’s good.

Soulive tix on sale

Tickets for Soulive are were on sale this week at noon in Usdan, and will be sold again starting Monday, March 29th. $8 to see Soulive play April 2nd at Beckham hall. Student band Mad Wow will be opening and things will be popping. Get your passes for funky goodness while they’re hot!