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Anomalous Campus Additions, installment II – THE SPACE STATION

Space Station (rear, entrance)

Space Station (rear, entrance)

Biking home tonight, noticed a space station in the CFA, complete with partial geodesic dome, solar array, wind turbine, flag and trendy green decals.Closer inspection revealed a big tool chest, a big saw, an astronaut bunk, and a pair of sunglasses. Knocked on the door and nobody was home. Every light in the place was on, as well as some spotlights (???) outside.

Space Station (front

Space Station (front)

Googling revealed a broken website, but google has a cache that describes it as an artists studio to be “embedded” in crisis zones (a la Katrina…) I guess they have plenty of sunjuice to burn, judging by the lights…
*Initially ambivalent feelings*
Whatever, it looks SWEET.
*anyone with more information please email us with space station in subject line*