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Film Series: The Spirit of the Beehive

1973. Spain. Dir: Victor Erice. With Ana Torrent. 97 min. 35mm print.

In post-Civil War Spain, a village screening of Frankenstein deeply affects a young girl. The movie monster becomes her imaginary companion, bringing both comfort and horror as she tries to reconcile her childlike understanding of the world with the silent traumas that have torn apart the country and her family.

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Film Series: Ixcanul

2015. Guatemala/France. Dir: Jayro Bustamante. With María Mercedes Coroy. 100 min.

On the slopes of an active volcano, modernity and ritual collide. Young María works the coffee plantation, goes along with the preparations for her arranged marriage, and dreams of the United States beyond the volcano. Her circumstances provide no room for change, until an unexpected pregnancy complicates matters…

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Film Series: In a Foreign Land (En Tierra Extraña)

2014. Spain. Dir: Iciar Bollain. Documentary. 72 min.

Since Spain’s economic crisis began, over 700,000 Spaniards have left othe country in search of a better life, Spain’s highest profile female director tackles the very current issue of intra-European exile. With a critical eye, Bollain captures articulate, moving expressions of the frustration and anger felt by expatriates.

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