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Last Speak Your Piece: WeSlam Final Edition

Dan Levine ’11 sends in the final Speak Your Piece episode of the year—another tribute to Wesleyan’s illustrious slam team:

This week’s episode, our last of the season, is devoted to poems recorded live at WeSlam’s final poetry slam of the semester.  We feature student poets Zach Goldberg ’13, Ted Bularzik ’12, Josh Smith ’11, Camara Awkward-Rich ’11, and Adam Bresgi ’14.  We also feature visiting poets Jeanann Verlee and Adam Falkner.


Also, dig on some video of WeSlam members performing last week:

Speak Your Piece: Words About Words

This week, Speak Your Piece goes meta. Checkitoutcheckitout:

This week’s episode is a tribute to creative writing, with poems about words, writing, and writers.  Featuring Corey Deither ’12, Morgan Hill ’14, Ted Bularzik ’12, Camara Awkward-Rich ’11, Davy Knittle ’11, and Nick Petrie ’12.


Speak Your Piece: Campus Slammer Edition

From Dan Levine ’11:

On this week’s episode, we feature four stories presented at the Wesleyan ‘Campus Slammer.’  Storytellers drawn out of the audience offered stories on the topic ‘Winners and Losers’ and competed for a slot in the statewide storytelling festival and competition hosted by the Connecticut Storytelling Center.

We feature stories by Paul Pianka ’12, Taylor Goodstein ’14, Lindsay Abrams ’12, and Jake Lane ’12.


Also important:

Speak Your Piece is looking for new staff to keep the show running next year.  If you’re interested in writing or radio and think you might want to join Speak Your Piece, send an email to speakyourpiece [at] wesufm.org.

Speak Your Piece — 4/9/11

Latest and greatest, from Annie Choi ’14:

This week’s show features a reading at Russell House by Amy Bloom ’75, Wesleyan University’s Writer-in-Residence. The reading took place last month, on March 2nd.  She reads the story By-and-By from her newest collection of short stories titled Where the God of Love Hangs Out.


Speak Your Piece: 4/3

New episode from Dan Levine ’11:

This week’s show features poems on how certain people deal with religion in different ways.  The show features poems by Nick Petrie ’12, David Thompson ’11, and Shannon Nelson ’14.


Speak Your Piece: Poems for a Tumultuous World

Happy Sunday afternoon. Celebrate with a new Speak Your Piece episode—this one’s a poetry edition, with a global focus. From Dan Levine ’11:

After weeks when we’ve all had to spend a little bit more time reading the newspaper, Speak Your Piece offers some poems for a tumultuous world: poems that offer ways of looking at the world and poems that engage some of the most enduring challenges.  Featuring poems by Corey Deither ’12, Nick Petrie ’12, Simone Moore ’11, Mike Rosen ’11, Davy Knittle ’11, and Emily Weitzman ’14.


Speak Your Piece, 2/18

From Dan Levine ’11:

This week’s episode begins with a series of poems on moving, traveling, and the places and people left behind or moved toward.  Featuring David Thompson ’11, Nate Mondschein ’12, Rowan Converse ’14, and Mike Rosen ’11.

Then, in the second half of the episode, producer Annie Choi ’14 leads a tour of dining hall crushes.


Speak Your Piece: WeSlam Valentine’s Edition

Speak Your Piece: killin’ two birds with one epic episode that is neither “cloyingly sweet” nor “clichéd”:

This week we are pleased to feature poems recorded live at  WeSlam’s first poetry slam of the semester, at Wesleyan’s Malcolm X House on February 3.  The poets on this night must have felt Valentine’s Day coming, because many of the poems performed talked about love and relationships.  So we’re offering a Valentine’s Day show, but one we hope won’t be cloyingly sweet or cliched.

This episode features poets Ted Bularzik ’12, Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Morgan Hill ’14, Megan Cash ’14, Zach Rosen ’11, and Hadas Werman ’14.


New Speak Your Piece

Via Dan Levine ’11:

This week’s episode features poems by two incredible student poets who approach poetry from very different styles.

Audrey McGlinchy ’11 starts, reading several poems from a project set across Ireland which explore the significance of person and place.  Then, Nate Mondshein ’12 reads deeply biographical slam-styled poems.


And, as always:

Speak Your Piece is still looking for writers for our spring season.  If you have stories, poems, essays, or any other creative writing you’d like to share on the air, send us an email as speakyourpiece(at)wesufm(dot)org.

Speak Your Piece: Back with a Vengeance

The first Speak Your Piece episode of the semester, from Dan Levine ’11:

Speak Your Piece is back!  Our first episode of the season features three pieces recorded live around the Wesleyan campus last fall, just as a reminder of how great Wesleyan writing can be.  We feature slam poems by Josh Smith ’11 (AKA Wordsmith) and Mike Rosen ’11, and an essay by David Rackoff.

Speak Your Piece needs new writers for our new season.  Share your stories, poems, essays, and other writing on the air by emailing speakyourpiece(at)wesufm(dot)org.