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The Risks and Rewards of K-12 Educational Entrepreneurism

Jack-LeonardFrom Jelisa Adair ’13 and the PCSE:

Presented by: Dr. Jack Leonard, Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership in Education, University of Massachusetts Boston

America has a long tradition of entrepreneurism, which is admired around the world. The entrepreneurial leadership style is central to our American democratic image as the land of opportunity. And in K-12 schooling, hardly a day goes by without an appeal for entrepreneurial leaders who can “think outside the box.” However, there is also widespread skepticism about entrepreneurism in education, which often implies larger-than-life leaders who are willing to take questionable risks in a fiercely competitive market – hardly the ideal environment for children.

Parlez-vous Français? – French Conversation Hour

Lucy Britt ’14 pulls half a Conchord, suspiciously sends in a picture of a constant motif in my dreams:

Parlez-vous Français? Rendez-vous à Usdan sur les canapés noirs plus proche de la boîte aux lettres pour pratiquer votre français! Conversation informelle pour tous les niveaux en dehors de la classe.
Il y aura du fromage!

Want a safe place to practice your French? Love cheese, baguettes and croissants and have always wanted express said love in French? Join us for French Conversation hour! Come practice with REAL LIVE FRENCH PEOPLE!
There will be cheese, people (but unfortunately no cheese people).

Date:   Oct. 13
Time:   7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place:  à Usdan, aux canapés à côte des boîtes aux lettres <- [ed. note: WHAT IS THIS JIBBER-JABBER!?]