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3rd Annual Bocce Tournament


From Elijah Jimenez ’18:

Come and defend your Romance Languages!
No prior Bocce experience necessary. All levels of Romance Languages and Bocce skills welcome!

Bring your WesFest guest(s)!

Bocce is considered the oldest known sport in world history. From Egypt (as early as 5000 B.C.) to Greece (cir. 800 B.C.), the game was then adopted by the Romans and introduced throughout the empire. It is now the third most popular sport in the world next to soccer and Golf.

Date: Wednesday, April 13 – Friday, April 15
Time: 12PM-3PM
Place: Romance Languages and Literatures Common Room/ 300 High Street


Updated: Track Team Boycotts Meet to Protest Scheduling Change


Photo by Nikita Rajgopal ’17

This morning, the Wesleyan Track Team boycotted their track meet at Amherst to protest an unfair scheduling change. The J. Elmer Swanson Invitational, an annual track meet hosted at Wesleyan, was abruptly cancelled so that the Men’s Lacrosse team could play on the turf field (the turf field was built in the middle of the track a few years ago). Members of the track team claim that the cancellation was due to the fact that many lacrosse team parents are big donors while the track team is comprised of many students receiving financial aid. Thus, the track team does not have the same financial clout. The track team sent an open letter explaining their reasoning as well as their demands for the future. I also reached out to the athletic department for comment and Athletic Director Mike Whalen’s response is below. 

Allbritton Talks: College Sports


As more Division I athletes and their supporters call for payment for players and even consider unionizing, it raises the question of the purpose of college athletics and perhaps of institutions of higher education themselves. Is it exploitative for universities to profit off of their student-athletes if it is indeed to the detriment of their education, finances, and health? Are athletically-based admission and scholarships unfair – if so, for whom? – or are they a means of expanding college access and diversifying student populations?

In this session of Allbritton Talks, we’ll examine  controversies surrounding Division I athletics while also pondering what compels us – as a University, as a society, and even as a species – to care about sports. Athletes, fans, and NARPs are all welcome. There will be pizza!

Date: Friday, March 27
Time: 12 – 1 PM
Place: Allbritton 311
Cost: Free

Wesleyan Football Faces Hamilton On Saturday

In my dad’s email to me about Parent’s Weekend activities, he mentioned that he definitely wanted to catch part of the football game at 1 PM on Saturday. I imagine that many students are in this position this weekend so, for those of you who are less up-to-date with the Wesleyan Cardinals, here’s a brief cheat sheet of what to talk about on the bleachers.

Come Play CoEd Frisbee With Throw Culture

10376317_10202569998635490_3899603069824098668_nIf you saw the posts for the Women’s Frisbee Team or the Men’s Frisbee Team and thought “close, but no cigar,” a certain sick team on campus has the solution for you. I just got an email from Max “Biff Boff For Liff Loff” Owen-Dunow ’15 about the ultimate coed athletic opportunity:

Interested in frisbee, friends and having fun? Come out and play with Throw Culture as we start up our year!

Unofficial Orientation Series: Athletics/Athlete Life

Some of you frosh probably don’t know that WesTech competes in the prestigious NESCAC—the most competitive D3 conference in the country. Despite the throngs of news outlets that flock to many of our sports games, you will never have to enter a lottery system or wait in a line overnight to obtain tickets. We also aren’t like these fans, and we never will be.

That’s okay. Do not believe the naysayers who claim that Wesleyan students do not support or appreciate athletics. Not only do we have the most watched baseball games in the NESCAC; last fall we hosted the ‘CAC’s first night football game and had over 5,000 students, alumni, and Middletown residents attend, shattering all previous attendance records.

Whether you’re attempting to relive your high school glory days, looking to get or stay fit, or trying out a new sport, Wesleyan has what you are looking for!

Capoeira Mondays


From Joseph Natter ’17:

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form which combines fighting, dance, and music. Rich with acrobatics and trickery, it is a fighting style designed to confuse and counter conventional western fighting techniques. Having been used by slaves in Brazil, Capoeira’s history is intimately tied to the bloody proletariat struggle for freedom. I will be teaching Capoeira Regional, in the style of the school Volta Ao Mundo. All experience levels are welcome.

Date/Time: Every Monday @ 7:30 pm
Place: Freeman Wrestling Room

Wesleyan Men’s Club Volleyball: Looking for players!


Alec Harris ’14 can jump really, really high. Come and see for yourself.

The Wesleyan Men’s Club Volleyball team is looking for players!

The team is seeking players to compete in tournaments as a part of the New England Club Volleyball League. Experience is a plus but not required. Fun will be had by all. It’s not that big of a time commitment and you’ll be in good company. Actually, you’ll be in stellar company. (Note: This was an editorial addition and not Alec himself saying he is awesome. But he is.)

If you have any interest in playing or have any questions, do not contact Alec. Please contact Chris Skypeck ’14 at cskypeck(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. Go team!

Vicious Circles Information Session

An invitation from Kate Gibbel ’15:

Vicious Circles, Wesleyan’s All-Women Ultimate Frisbee team, is having an information session on January 30th, at 7PM in Wyllys 114. We will discuss our pre-season workouts, awesome spring break trip (which you could still sign up for!), regular season practice and game schedule, parties, and why you should join this incredibly fun club sport. Come on over! Don’t be shy! We have cookies. Any female-identifying person is welcome! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
email kgibbel[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for more information.

Date: Thursday, January 30
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, rm. 114