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Spotted: Portraits Made of Chalk

Who’s the defiant art teacher who has been assigning students to complete their midterm portraiture project in chalkings around campus? Reveal yourself in the comments. Take a bow.

One of these was spotted on the steps near the entrance to PAC. Another was spotted on the pavement near the cemetery at the top of Foss. Not sure where the third was photographed. Not sure who the culprit is. Not sure who the subjects are. Not sure of anything. Open to explanations in the comments section.

Are there more around campus? Tell us.

Spotted: Four Windows Filled with Paper-Writing Notes in Olin

I’m not sure if preserving paper by writing all of your notes on erasable windows is an official part of the pledge to be sustainable over break, but it smells like practical idealism to me. Straight from the Wesleyan University Facebook page comes this image of a window in the Olin stacks totally filled with notes for a paper in December. According to the caption:

In December, a student wrote notes for a paper, in marker, here in Olin Library’s stacks. A message reading “Do Not Erase” accompanies the four-windows-worth of notes.

While it hasn’t gone viral à la Sam Lyons ’12, the image has drummed up a respectable count of Facebook likes, as well as a hilarious array of comments, including this unrelated query from a Wesleyan fan in Mexico:

Naturally, an ’85 Wes alum joined in the thread with cries of vandalism: 

Spotted: Olin Mystery Chalkboard

Chalking may be banned at Wesleyan (despite the better efforts of some students earlier this month and last WesFest), but Olin Library knows no earthly law. A few tipsters have noticed two odd and inexplicable chalkboards lodged in the stacks of Main Floor Olin, which are currently playing host to animal doodles, palindromes, Hangman diagrams, and a lovely illustration of the word ‘Bennet.’ The chalk is provided free of charge—maybe this will be the new Olin chalkboard ACB?

As far as Olin shenanigans go, it’s not quite as weird as that post-it board or as exciting as the Olin  Candy Fairy, but check it out. (Speaking of chalking in unlikely settings, check out the New York Timesprofile on Robin Lane, a longtime urban chalker in Manhattan. Shout-out to frostedmoose for the tip.)

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