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Alternative Spring Break Info Session

From Francesca Moree ’14:

Appalled at the amount of time you have over spring break (March 8-23)?
Want to get your chill on but also do something productive with that massive block of time?

Come hear from Alex Drexler, coordinator of Habitat for Humanity ASB, and Bruno Machiavelo, coordinator of the Middletown spring break project to hear about their respective ideas for springtime travel and fun!

Feel free to contact Alex at adrexler[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or Bruno at bmachiavelot[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you’re interested but can’t attend.

Date: Tuesday, December 3
Time: 7:30-8 P.M.
Place: 41 Wyllys, Rm. 110

Economie Dance Flashmob

Kerry Nix ’15 has got a proposition for you:

It’s the middle of break, and you’re getting stir-crazy. You could watch 24 episodes of Homeland (do it – it’s worth it), or you could get moving, learn an awesome dance, and participate in a flashmob in mid-April!

Join Economie, Wesleyan’s dance group focused on social justice. Follow this linkto learn a short and easy dance! Learn the dance by watching the video during break, and brush up at the practice sessions Economie will hold once we’re back at Wes – or, you can learn the dance at the practice sessions.

Send a blank email to kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to register!

Deadline: Whenever?
Contact:  kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Liveblog: People-Watching While Stranded in Bradley Airport


Welp, good start to my Spring Break.

Like quite a few Wesleyan students, I was excited to escape the woes of Midterms and head back home— for me, Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. For the record, snow, you are not wanted past February. It is now March. You have overstayed your welcome. Stop messing with my spring.

Because of the sudden, angry downpour of upwards of a foot of snow, my flight has been sufficiently delayed by a few hours. So, lucky for you, I’m using this liveblog as a vehicle for my people-watching. Enjoy, and safe travels!

Photos: Spring Weather Trolls Wesleyan, Unleashes Minor Blizzard

Remember that time it was warm and sunny on Tuesday and you thought spring was here to stay and winter as you know it had finally given up for the season? That was cute.

Despite Spring Break officially beginning in a few short hours, Middletown got hit by another minor blizzard last night (in fact, it’s continuing right now) that exceeded 20 inches in some areas of Connecticut. From Middletown Patch:

Public and parochials schools are closed and colleges have cancelled morning classes and the city is under a parking ban. By midmorning Friday, Middletown had 8 inches of snowfall from this storm that meteorologists say will leave the area sometime after noon.

Slippery streets are making driving treacherous in spots, evidenced by a 10 a.m. minor fender-bender on Main Street, at Liberty Street, between a car and truck.

But “don’t expect the snow to stick around too long,” warns the Middletown Press.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Alternative Spring Break Info Sess

Ross “Rosendo” Levin ’15 is really freakin awesome and extends the opportunity to be awesome to you:

An experience of learning by living, communal living, anti-poverty organizing and bridging barriers through dialogue and action in one of the poorest urban neighborhoods in the country. The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is a nationwide, multiracial movement that does everything from organizing marches to defending families from evictions to occupying vacant land to grow food. This is not some cushy non-profit. The group is led by the poor and people of color. For decades, in various incarnations, they’ve been working to ensure, as the name suggests, that their basic human rights are met and taking care of each other when society doesn’t. From March 10 to 17, students will have the opportunity to live in the home of a member of PPEHRC in Philadelphia, PA and participate in anti-poverty organizing classes and actual anti-poverty organizing, ranging from knocking on doors to home takeovers.

There will be two informal info sessions to talk more about the details, costs (not very expensive at all), and whatever else you’d like to know.

12pm-1pm, Friday, February 15
41 Wyllys, Room 114
5pm-6pm, Wednesday, February 20
41 Wyllys, Room 114

One Week for America – Spring Break 2012

From Andy Ribner ’14:

One Week For America is a partnership between Wesleyan and Teach For America. This is the inaugural year of our externship program and is a sister program of Four Weeks For America where MIT and Harvard undergraduates have been sent to serve in Corps Members’ classrooms for the month of January. With One Week For America, you are expected to complete one (or two, if interested) week(s) of service in a Connecticut corps member classroom. Undergraduates live with corps members and learn about the challenges that our education system faces and about the Teach For America program and model. The Wesleyan participants are expected to design a capacity building project over the course of their week that will leave a lasting, measurable result on the classroom they are working with.

Date: Apply between now and February 3. You must be available during the week of February 27 for a brief training session.
Place: yr cmptr

Spring Break Dining Schedule

Click the flippin’ sweet movie poster for info on where to get yr eats on:

Happy travels, Wezzleyin! I just took the best nap ever. In similar spirit, this blog will be pretty much taking the best two-week nap ever starting now. Check in for scattered posting activity, but hold your refreshin’ for a lil bit, nahmean? Catch you in the springtime.

[edit: WesWings is also open for dinner tonight. It is not included in the Bon Appetit chart for obvious reasons. It is serving a “low point wing special!!” Get on that. Also, Red & Black is open 9-5 during Spring Break.]

Flora & Fauna in NY this Weekend

Off to New York for break? Looking for fun things to do there? Check out Wesleyan’s own Flora & Fauna on the road!  Perhaps you caught them headlining Awesomefest the other weekend? Get Wes away from Wes!

More info from Adam Gunther ’11:

Tickets are at the venues.
March 4 Saratoga show @ Putnem Den is 18+ and $10. Starts at 10.  We’re playing with Railbird.
March 5 Brooklyn show @ Spike Hill is 21+ (its at a bar) and is FREE.  Apache Kid (also Wesleyan) @ 11, then F&F @ 12.
Flora & Fauna is comprised of Adam Gunther ’11, Matt Bernstein ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, Gabe Gordon ’11 and Casey Baird (Skidmore ’11).

Internetz here and here