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People, Flowers, and Albus the Cat: A Photo Essay

And then she said I had performed a sort of quintessential act of human appropriation of the nonhuman.

In my never-ending quest to conjure up new forms of procrastination, I posted a status on Facebook last Friday asking if anyone wanted to be a part of a Wesleying feature that was quite simply about two things: (1) people, (2) flowers. The feature would go like this: I would take photos of people being ‘unapologetically happy’ with flowers somewhere in the mix.

The idea gained a lot more traction than I thought it would, so I spent my entire Sunday not doing homework and taking pictures of my friends instead. And, as promised, they’re going up on Wesleying.

Wesleying Exclusive: Spring Concert Preview

Remember when Foss didn’t look like this?

Happy springtime at Wes! You know—almost. There’s still a week or two to go (apparently it’s in the 40s today); for now, make vicarious use of the above image, from Spring Fling (or, “Awesomerfest”) 2010.

Anyway: with names like Bear Hands, My Brightest Diamond, Dr. Dog, Duchampion, Superhuman Happiness, Bomb the Music Industry!, Caspian, Nat Baldwin, Flora and Fauna, Charles Lloyd, and The Band (sort of) on the record (for a combined ticket cost of, like, nothing), it’s been a good semester for shows.

It’s only getting better. Following is a list—obviously not exhaustive—of five spring concerts worth getting pumped for now. (I’ve particularly excluded as yet unconfirmed bookings, as well as Wes-based acts that, while undoubtedly excellent, play around campus every semester.) Click on for the list, and, as always, remember to scope out Aural Wes for excellent further coverage of the music scene at Wes.