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Food Not Bombs offers appeal; Middletown cracks down on soup kitchen


The Food Not Bombs issue is blowing up. Not content to try shutting down Food Not Bombs’s activities, the Middletown Health Department is now also limiting local churches and soup kitchens from distributing food.

We had previously reported that Food Not Bombs had a hearing last month to contest their citation and cease-and-desist order from the Middletown Health Department (MHD) for offering free meals last semester on Main Street, which violates local health codes.

Hearings were continued this week on Monday, September 21, in which the MHD Code Enforcement Officer and Sanitarian both testified against FNB, and FNB member Abe Bobman ’11 offered a defense.

From the Middletown Eye:

“We’re not necessarily attempting to serve, but allow people to gather and share a meal,” [Bobman] said. “We gather and try to provide a testament to abundance instead of scarcity, and to promote the idea that everyone has the right to eat. We’re trying to level the distinctions between haves, and have-nots. We offer ideas as well as sustenance.”

Bobman allowed that part of the Food Not Bombs philosophy was to demonstrate that in a country which spends so much on national defense, there are still many who go hungry, and that the shared meals attempt to point out that disparity.

Now, in an even more ridiculous move, the MHD is looking beyond FNB and cracking down on other local food-sharers as well.