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Three days into April Energy Fest

Bing Wu ’13 brings a reminder about that little April Energy Fest thing you may have heard about, in the form of …data. Take it away:

Wesleyan’s Inter-dorm Energy Competition kicked off on April 1st (and lasts until April 14th) and below are the rankings thus far! This data was compiled by Physical Plant over the past three days and will be continually updated throughout the two week competition. The winners will be announced shortly after the last day of the competition and will result in cool prizes and an awesome party for the winning dorm on Tuesday, April 19th.

Rankings (as of April 4th)
1. Nics 5, 5.5 & 6
2. Butt A
3. Butt B
4. Clark
5. Nics 7
6. Butt C
7. Lo Rise & Hi Rise
8. Westco 3 & 4
9. Hewitt
10. Westco 1 & 2
11. Freshman Fauver
12. Senior Fauver

Rankings will be updated daily on http://wesustainability.blogspot.com/ Make an effort to reduce your consumption so you can bring pride to your dorm!

**This data controls for square footage of the dorms and the daily outside temperature. It also controls for specific dorm irregularities and inherent inefficiencies by comparing the percent reduction to a baseline figure of daily energy consumption for each dorm that was calculated during the weeks prior to the competition. Email us at wesustainability.gmail.com with any questions, clarifications or suggestions.

Check out this post in context on the Wes Sustainability blog (at that link, or under Student-Run in the sidebar). Keep checking in on their blog for daily (!!!) updates until the fun ends the 14th.