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100% Renewable Energy Worldwide in 17 Years or Sooner

renewable-energy-sb-consultsSustainability Coordinator Jennifer Kleindienst doesn’t even need to elaborate:

Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson will present on his studies, which show that a complete transition to 100% renewable energy is feasible by 2030.

Date: TODAY, November 14th
When: 6:30pm
Where: Middlesex Community College, Chapman Hall
Cost: Free!

Cunningham Takes Off the Kid Gloves; Remains Charming, Avuncular

Like a boss

In the introduction to his New Yorker fiction podcast reading of Denis Johnson’s “Emergency,” famed “dirty realist” Toby Wolff remarked that the story is one known by “every person who fancies herself literate that I’m acquainted with”. I’d submit that any Wesleyan student who considers hirself literate was surely aware of, if not greatly enthused by, the presence of Pulitzer-winning author Michael Cunningham on campus last week. At a reading in Memorial Chapel last Wednesday, Cunningham rattled off a charmingly hurried analysis of the development of the English novel (one could not help but notice the particular attention to his modernist forebears) and proceeded to preview an excerpt from “Sleepless”, a yet unfinished novel ostensibly centered around the peregrinations of two drug-addled youths and their quest for greater self-location.

Notwithstanding an interruption caused by the absence of a page from his manuscript, Cunningham read splendidly.

The Argus published a wonderful account of Cunningham’s chapel evening, but touched only briefly on his master class talks. I was lucky enough to attend one hosted in the Shapiro Center last Friday morning, and happened to record some of his more flavorful remarks.

I’ve culled a few for y’allz enjoyment:

Stanford University Helps Out Middle Class

Stanford is the latest college to severely cut costs for students, expanding financial aid well into the middle class. Students from families earning less than $100,000 will pay no tuition under the new system, and families earning less than $60,000 also get a break on room and board. Stanford has the third largest endowment of all American universities at over $17 billion, so this was not exactly unexpected after Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth announced similar plans in recent weeks.

If this keeps up, your younger siblings might actually go to quality schools without putting your parents out of early retirement.